Running is a priviledge

The following kicks off a series of observations, thoughts, and pep talks as I near the final days leading into the half marathon.


The thought of running as a privilege strikes me. This, on the verge of accomplishing what, for me, is a major accomplishment, something I never thought I’d ever achieve.

A half marathon.

I never thought I’d see my name and “half marathon” in the same sentence. But there you go – it’s there. And I’m thisclose to experiencing what, for some, is not within their reach.

Maybe they were injured when younger and cannot run.

Maybe they lost a leg in an accident…or even battle.

Maybe they are at an age where the strain and stress of running such a distance is much too much for their joints.

Maybe they can’t even walk.


And here I am – strong, fit, able.

I am lucky. Very lucky.

I am privileged.

I do not take it for granted. Not now. Not ever.

This, for me, is much bigger than just knocking off a bucket list item. I feel honored to have had the chance to come this far, push myself beyond my previously defined limits. I am running for me – but also for anyone who is not able to run.

I am thankful.

Thankful for all that I’ve learned in the past few months – about myself, about friendships, about my marriage. Thankful that I am here. This is my moment. This is our moment.

And I am ready.

To do you all proud.