Why I run: revisited

The second post in a series of observations, thoughts, and pep talks as I near the final days leading into the half marathon. If you missed my first post – check it out here.


On the verge of accomplishing a major feat, and I sit here thinking to myself – what is it about running a half marathon that makes this such an accomplishment?

For me – it’s twofold.

For one – I’ve said from day one that running doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not a former track star. I’m just your average girl who just happens to dig a killer workout – and killer workout describes running to a T.

But also – running used to feel like such an untouchable concept to me. I equated running with elite athletes. But – as I stare down the final days of training for a half marathon – I don’t define myself as an “elite” athlete. I define myself as a runner. A committed one.

But why am I so committed to running, so much so that I committed to running for a half marathon?

Why do I run, now?

Let’s revisit my original post on Why I run, shall we?

Why I run: revisited:

I run because it forces me out of my comfort zone. <—yup, that it does. still.

I run because its an outlet for my mind to wander. <—some of my best thinking through problems comes to me while I run.

I run because it makes me feel alive – those moments when I don’t think I can push  myself any farther and somehow my body just reacts. <—case in point – last Saturday’s 8 mile wall, and I found that “dig deep” moment and got ‘er done. THAT makes me feel alive

I run because I can do it outside, with Scott by my side – some of our best conversations (even if some are one-sided while I’m huffing and puffing!) are had when we’re running together. <—without a doubt. some of our best bonding has been during our runs.

I run because I heart runner’s high. <—who doesn’t?

I run because its hard. It’s painful. It’s rewarding. It’s a rush.<—amen, sista.

New additions to my list?

I run because I’m able to.  And I’ll continue to run as long as my body allows me to.

I run because I crave a challenge – and running will always be a challenge, no matter what.

I run because it gives me confidence and makes me feel strong – and dare I say it: beautiful. (thank you #operationbeautiful!)

I run because it’s who I am: a runner.

And once again – I feel grateful. I feel lucky. I am ready. And I WILL do you proud.