Why I run: revisited

The second post in a series of observations, thoughts, and pep talks as I near the final days leading into the half marathon. If you missed my first post – check it out here.


On the verge of accomplishing a major feat, and I sit here thinking to myself – what is it about running a half marathon that makes this such an accomplishment?

For me – it’s twofold.

For one – I’ve said from day one that running doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not a former track star. I’m just your average girl who just happens to dig a killer workout – and killer workout describes running to a T.

But also – running used to feel like such an untouchable concept to me. I equated running with elite athletes. But – as I stare down the final days of training for a half marathon – I don’t define myself as an “elite” athlete. I define myself as a runner. A committed one.

But why am I so committed to running, so much so that I committed to running for a half marathon?

Why do I run, now?

Let’s revisit my original post on Why I run, shall we?

Why I run: revisited:

I run because it forces me out of my comfort zone. <—yup, that it does. still.

I run because its an outlet for my mind to wander. <—some of my best thinking through problems comes to me while I run.

I run because it makes me feel alive – those moments when I don’t think I can push  myself any farther and somehow my body just reacts. <—case in point – last Saturday’s 8 mile wall, and I found that “dig deep” moment and got ‘er done. THAT makes me feel alive

I run because I can do it outside, with Scott by my side – some of our best conversations (even if some are one-sided while I’m huffing and puffing!) are had when we’re running together. <—without a doubt. some of our best bonding has been during our runs.

I run because I heart runner’s high. <—who doesn’t?

I run because its hard. It’s painful. It’s rewarding. It’s a rush.<—amen, sista.

New additions to my list?

I run because I’m able to.  And I’ll continue to run as long as my body allows me to.

I run because I crave a challenge – and running will always be a challenge, no matter what.

I run because it gives me confidence and makes me feel strong – and dare I say it: beautiful. (thank you #operationbeautiful!)

I run because it’s who I am: a runner.

And once again – I feel grateful. I feel lucky. I am ready. And I WILL do you proud.

16 thoughts on “Why I run: revisited

  1. I don’t know that running really comes naturally or easily to the greatest majority – some just end up better at it. I think even the most avid runner would admit that there are good days and bad days just like we experience. I am sooo with you on running outside with the hubs. It’s really hard to explain what that means to me as well. I feel like I truly have my partner at my side.

    • This is true – everyone, even the most elite athletes have good and bad days, right? Maybe I need to change my perspective a bit – I am a runner, right? So I’m “allowed” to have both good and bad days, too. Let’s just hope that Saturday is a “good” running day for me. 😉 As for running with Scott – it’s so true, hard to put my finger on but there’s just something special about it, I really look forward to that time together.

  2. I really like this post. I too love the feeling running brings. Its such a great way to have some time to yourself and let your mind wander. I couldn’t agree more with this. And your absolutely right, when you push yourself running, you feel accomplished, and this definitely transcends into your everyday life! =) So important.

  3. I am so happy that we started running together. One, because I would have never just decided on my own to run a half marathon. But more because I always used to be afraid to run with other people. I used to never work out. I really only started in the last 5 years. When I first started running it was so hard. I seriously could barely make it a mile before I had to walk. But I kept working at it and I did it (one reason why I run: because it’s hard, but it changed my life, and it is such an accomplishment no matter the distance).
    So when you and Jo mentioned wanting to run together, I was nervous! I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up. I didn’t think I could talk and run at the same time. I thought I needed my iPod. But now you girls have gotten me addicted to having a running buddy. Even the times when we are too tired to talk, it is so helpful having someone next to me go through the same mental and physical feat.
    Unfortunately, George isn’t a runner. But I would pick running with you anyway 😉

    • I am SO glad we took up running together – and um, that we became friends to begin with, but you know what I mean. 😉 It has made SUCH a difference to run together and to train together for this half. I cannot believe how far we’ve come since we started this crazy mission!! We are going to rock it out – in our Kick shirts and all – at the half on Saturday!!

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