Note to self: on the eve of your first half marathon

The fourth and final post in a series of observations, thoughts, and pep talks as I near the final days leading into the half marathon. If you missed my first other posts – check them out herehere and here.

Note to self, on the eve of your first half marathon:

You are ready.

Allow your legs to carry you.

Let your mind wander.

Trust your body, it’s armed and ready for the challenge.

Talk to Scott, he’s a good distraction.

You got this.

Breathe. Evenly. No panicking allowed.

Harness those butterflies for energy.

Remember, running is a privilege. Be thankful.

Enjoy every moment.

This is your time to shine.

Celebrate at that finish line (and beyond at the Wicked Half party, too).

Breathe in every last second – your family beaming with pride, your friends snapping pics at the finish line, your husband and friends running in lock-step with you.

You are ready. Be proud.