Wicked Half – the after-party, and other thoughts

Now that the reality has set in – as well as some serious DOMS – that I’m a half marathoner, and all, I have a few observations to share.

Namely – I have an incredible ecosystem of friends (both IRL and blogger, alike!) and family who have been such an incredible support system for me and my sister throughout our training and eventual completion of the Wicked Half.

I’ve been so completely blown away by the slew of Facebook comments, Twitter exchanges, and blog comments – as well as the IRL phone calls, hugs and words of encouragement – I’ve received in the past few days, weeks and months.

In a word, I’m blown away.

By your collective love, support, and pride.

It’s been so touching, so amazing, quite honestly, it’s been unreal.

And I thank you ALL so very much, you have no idea how much it meant to me during the race on Saturday to know and to sense your support and thoughts and good vibes you were sending my way with every step that I took. I could myself as one, very luck lady. (((hugs!!)))

And, the Wicked Half party at my house after the race, well – it was awesome. Yes, I was SUPER tired and totally had to rally but it was worth it. Such fun.

Of course, there was lots of eating, a little drinking, and tons of laughter and fun. Perfection.

The Wicked Half girls – Steph, Jo and I. Don’t we look tired?

Jo and Meg – aka team photog ‘o the day, and fab friend!

Wicked Half cake – a surprise treat from fab friend Jess (who will be joining us in our return trip to wine country in t-minus 3 days

Me and Jo

End of the night shot – an early night, ha 😉