Love, faith, believing

Similar to my sister‘s post tonight, this post is totally inspired by what my sister Jen is battling right now – a very serious, and scary,staph infection.

As I sit here in utter disbelief at her strength in the face of such a scary, and very painful situation, I am in awe.

In awe at the fierce love that she already feels for Isabel – a love that is most definitely pulling her through the darkest of moments.

In awe of her will to battle through – the same will that she used to battle through as an infant after we were born over two months premature. She fought and fought and fought to survive (she was the sickest of the three of us).

In awe of her faith – my mom’s faith, my sister’s faith and my faith. It is literally the only thing we can truly rely on in such uncertain times. I firmly and fully believe in the power of prayer, and in putting my truth faith in God’s will. I know He is watching over Jen, he is infusing her with strength and power and He will usher her back to good health. There is no alternative in my mind. I’ve seen that faith in action once before – with my father-in-law’s illness – and I’m watching it again in action here. It blows me away.

In awe of the incredible support from family, friends, co-workers and all of my incredible blog friends. Most of you don’t even know Jen, yet you are willing to include her in your thoughts, your prayers. Amazing.

What I’m probably most in awe of? That no matter the distance that separates my sisters and I while Jen deals with her illness one state away, and I am about to embark on a ten day trip to the west coast, we are three-strong.

No matter the distance.

No matter the circumstance.

No matter what.

We are three-strong.


There is nothing that compares to the power of three.

I love you sisters – we WILL get through this together. Three strong, as usual.

7 thoughts on “Love, faith, believing

  1. sniffle…this was beautiful sis, probably one of my favorite posts you’ve written. Three-strong. I love that so much. I think we need t-shirts…and one for Isabel too 🙂 Jen’s a fighter, she’s amazing, she’s got this, I know it. I believe it. I love you and Jen so much…and I don’t think I realized just how much until now. XO.

    • Don’t make me cwyyyy!!!!!! It’s so true – it’s not until you’re faced with something so scary that you take stock of those that you love and realize just how FIERCELY you love them. I love you both more than I could ever describe. Three strong – I think it’s an excellent motto for our 31st year, don’t you think? xoxo

    • You are so right, nothing quite compares to the love of a sister – and I’m lucky enough to have TWO of them to love and two of them who love me just as much in return. Thanks my friend – hugs!

  2. I love the special bond family can bring. Especially between sisters. Its so special. I wish M could have a sister!!!

    And I will be sure to say some prayers for her. Infections are scary things.

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