Buh-bye routine, see ya on the flip side

As I mentioned in yesterday‘s post, I’m about to embark on an EPIC vacation to San Fran and wine country (Sonoma, mostly).

Ten days away from home.

Away from work.

Spent with Scott.

Spent with some family.

Spent with great friends.

Saying buh-bye to routine –  and hello to an experience of a lifetime.

To call this an EPIC vacation I’m about to go on is an understatement.

The first part of the trip will be in the SF area to celebrate Scott’s best friend’s wedding. While in the city, we’ll do some of the touristy things like Alcatraz and such, but for the most part, we’ll spend it with friends celebrating a wedding between two pretty great people.

The second part of the trip? Well, it’s a return to my “mecca” if you will – a return to wine country. We visited last year and fell in love instantly. So, we’re returning there for a week’s stay – renting a house in Healdsburg which is in Sonoma county and is gorgeous. Quaint. Beautiful. Perfect.

And we’ll be renting that house with some of our favorite friends.

For a whole week.

Only lots of EPIC-ness could be had under those circumstances, right?

And – to top if off? We’ll be celebrating our *gulp* 31st birthday while there. I’ll seriously miss my sis Jen and niece Isabel while we’re away – especially since she’s been so sick this past week, and we’ll miss spending our birthday together which we’ve always celebrated together as much as possible.

But – that only means one thing: more birthday celebrations when we return, right? Nothing wrong with extended birthday celebrations in our book. It’s a known fact by now that we celebrate our birthday for as LONG as possible. There *are* three of us afterall, so we deserve and have earned that right in my book. 😉

Of course, I’ll stick to blogging while I’m away as often as I can but – and this goes with the title of today’s post – I’m throwing routine out the window while away. So you will most certainly hear less of me, but I promise to make it up to you with lots of pictures and stories when I do blog from the “other” coast.

I’m honestly looking forward to embracing a lack of routine – I’m such a structured person normally, and very prone to routine – that being out of that mode for a full ten days should bring me a much-needed fresh perspective. A rested body (that *gasp* will NOT suddenly turn to mush from a reduced exercise schedule!). And a relaxed peace of mind.

Oh – and with lots of memories that will truly be once-in-a-lifetime. I feel so lucky. I am so excited to spend the time away. I am thankful for the opportunity. And I am so freakin’ excited!!!

And PS. Note to my sis, Jen – I promise to pick out the best bottle of wine ever for little miss Isabel. Miss you!! xoxo