“Visualizing” for success

So, now that I’m back in the workout groove, post-best vacation everrrr, I thought I’d post on something that occurred to me during this morning’s workout.

In the midst of one of my favorite Cathe workouts – Pyramid Upper Body – I was determined to REALLY focus on the workout.”Visualizing” for a successful workout.

Focusing on strength

Focusing on endurance.

Focusing on just being in the moment.

Lifting and lowering the weights, feeling my muscles burn.

And guess what?

I got a KILLER workout in as a result.

Rather than letting my thoughts jumble together (I have about a million things running through my mind now that I’m back to “reality” in a big way), I just enjoyed the moment for what it was: a strength builder, and really – a confidence builder.

It reminded me why I love weight workouts for a very different reason than my reason for loving to run:

Weight training allows me to focus on each and every rep – it’s when I stop focusing and start letting my mind wander, that my workout falters.

On the flip side, my best runs are those where I let my mind run free, it’s my “me” time to get my head straight for the day ahead.

Funny how that works, right? Working out for me is SUCH a mental thing as well as a physical thing – I think that’s why I definitely miss it when I take a rest day. Though – there’s definitely something to be said for taking a rest week while surrounded by vines, grapes, and great friends, too. 😉

So now I’m curious – do you find that “visualizing” during your workouts – weight workouts, cardio workouts, whatever – gives you a better overall workout?