“Visualizing” for success

So, now that I’m back in the workout groove, post-best vacation everrrr, I thought I’d post on something that occurred to me during this morning’s workout.

In the midst of one of my favorite Cathe workouts – Pyramid Upper Body – I was determined to REALLY focus on the workout.”Visualizing” for a successful workout.

Focusing on strength

Focusing on endurance.

Focusing on just being in the moment.

Lifting and lowering the weights, feeling my muscles burn.

And guess what?

I got a KILLER workout in as a result.

Rather than letting my thoughts jumble together (I have about a million things running through my mind now that I’m back to “reality” in a big way), I just enjoyed the moment for what it was: a strength builder, and really – a confidence builder.

It reminded me why I love weight workouts for a very different reason than my reason for loving to run:

Weight training allows me to focus on each and every rep – it’s when I stop focusing and start letting my mind wander, that my workout falters.

On the flip side, my best runs are those where I let my mind run free, it’s my “me” time to get my head straight for the day ahead.

Funny how that works, right? Working out for me is SUCH a mental thing as well as a physical thing – I think that’s why I definitely miss it when I take a rest day. Though – there’s definitely something to be said for taking a rest week while surrounded by vines, grapes, and great friends, too. 😉

So now I’m curious – do you find that “visualizing” during your workouts – weight workouts, cardio workouts, whatever – gives you a better overall workout?


6 thoughts on ““Visualizing” for success

  1. Great blog….Nothing like a killer workout. I need it if I’m going to pursue my blog as well! Check it out! clevelandfoodandbrews.blogspot.com

    ps…I just followed your tweets!

  2. This is so true. In part, it’s why I stopped doing weights to the DVDs even – just totally focused on myself. But with running, when you analyze every single nuance of the run, it kinda starts to suck. Running may be one of the few workouts to do when you should sort of get out of your head. Can you imagine getting out of your head during step???? YIKES

    • How did I know you’d totally relate to this post?? Shocking, I mean really. 😉
      But you’re right – running is literally the ONLY workout I can think of where letting your mind wander as much as possible is the best route to running nirvana. And no, I can’t imagine getting out of my head during step, that’s a recipe for disaster with me and two left feet!

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