Antsy pants, like whoa

So, it was only a matter of time before I’d contract a major case of antsy pants.

Why, you ask?

Because I’m ITCHING for a new challenge.

Kick check! (for now at least- would love to teach again soon)

Half marathoncheck!

So, now what?

Now that I’m back from vacation and getting back into my groove of “normal life” (as in life without a wine glass permanently glued to my right hand at all times!), it dawned on me:

I’m not working towards a new challenge right now.

And it’s sort of boring me.

I mean – don’t get me wrong, I love my “usual” workouts that involve a mix of cardio and strength training and the occasional conditioning class, but it feels so “normal” and “expected” that I’m bored already (which is kind of scary considering I’m JUST now getting back into the groove after two weeks of vacation and three weeks post-half marathon).

So what’s a self-professed workout-a-holic to do?

What exactly is my next challenge?

Do I want to finally learn to swim (yes, I honest to God do NOT know how to swim)?

If so, will I then want to tackle a triathalon? (I know a certain someone that might join me in that!)

Do I want to sign up for *another* half marathon (uhh, maybe…but ask me again in a few months, I’m not sure I’ve quite recovered from this one!)

Do I want to attempt to learn to love pilates or yoga – something I always resist because of my innate flexibility issues? (tempting – but I always get so bored with it that I have a hard time fully committing…and thus, I’m not too excited about this one…yet)

WHAT will my next challenge be? I really don’t know…but you bet your ass it’s all over my brain right now.

Holla with ideas please 🙂