Balance with a capital “B”

By now, you all know I’m a big proponent of balance.

Balance in how I eat.

Balance in how I workout.

Balance in how I manage my career.

I love balance. I crave it. I love feeling centered, grounded and not bound by endless rules (‘cept those rules like I can NOT go to bed with dishes in the sink – a certain friend of mine teases me about this one all the time!!)

I find that when balance is lacking in any of those areas above, I feel “off,” like I’m missing something.

What I’ve learned this week while I’ve been my sister’s “keeper” if you will (btw, LOVE that book…but I digress) is that even in times of chaos, I STILL manage to find balance.

My husband thinks I’m a little nuts, but doing things like:

Fitting in a workout today even though I thought it would never happen. Made me feel great – STS left my back and tri’s fried, just in time to bounce Isabel in my arms to rid her of a gas bubble (which is a workout in and of itself).

Sweeping the floor after I cleaned up all the dinner dishes and pans from a pretty darn tasty chicken stir fry with brown rice. Yes, it could wait but I wanted to do it, I like to do it. It made me feel good that everything was in it’s place.

Writing a blog post after being absent from it since Monday (the horror!). But, this is my own little creation, my own little haven, I love to feed it with whatever is on my mind, even if it’s rambles like tonight’s post. 🙂

So – while my sister continues to recover, I am forever thankful for this time with her, with my sister Jo who is here with us tonight, and for the time spent with Isabel. It’s been such fun watching her develop quite the little personality. Bonding with her, watching Scott bond with her (who has quite the magic touch, I’m totally impressed!), leaves me in awe. She’s a doll and I love her very much. Yes, it’s exhausting. Yes, it means getting a little creative, re-creating my “normal” routine for the short term. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.