“Christmas” in, um, October?

Something that makes this self-professed workout-a-holic fitness blogger giddy?

The promise of new workouts to come.

It’s like “Christmas” in October!

What could I possibly be referring to?

Cathe Friedrich’s new workouts that I pre-ordered right after hearing all about them at the Cathe Road Trip this summer. (yes, I’m a total sucker, could hardly wait to get to my laptop to pre-order them!)

I was just watching the video clips – been so busy with work and with auntie life that I hadn’t even had a chance to watch them since they were posted to Cathe’s site a couple weeks ago.

They look awesome!! And they are just what I need now that we’re heading into the cooler months, forcing me to seek more indoor workouts to do that don’t involve the dreadmill unless absolutely required. 😉

Since I’m such a fitness dork, of course I’m going to recap them for you briefly here:

  • Intensity – This is Cathe’s longer, even MORE intense version of some of her STS Shock Cardio workouts she put out a year or so ago. From the looks of the video – it’s gonna be killer, but lots of fun and lots of variety (mix of step, bootcamp moves and plyo…ohhh plyo how I love to hate you!).
  • High Reps – After watching the video clip for High Reps, this TOTALLY looks like it’ll be very similar to Group Power. Ten songs choreographed to ten workout segments working full body at low weights, high reps (aka an endurance weight workout). Ahh, LOVE this!!
  • STS Total Body – Using the same premise as Cathe’s BEST (in my opinion anyway) weight training series yet (STS), STS Total Body uses 65-80% of your one rep max weights to give you a killer total body workout. This will be PERFECT as a complement to my current 3 1/2 month STS rotation. I can add it in as a fourth weight workout, or add it in when I’m not even doing an STS rotation at all. Love.
  • Lower Body Blast – I have a feeling I’m going to die doing this workout, but I am equally excited to give this one a whirl. I have a feeling it’ll be similar to one of my “oldie but goodie” favorites of Cathe’s – Butts & Guts. An intense lower body workout that I am SURE will leave me with major DOMS.

I know, I sound like such a dork gushing about these workouts but they just look like such fun, and I honestly really do need a workout refresh for what I currently use for at-home workouts in between my gym visits for Ride, Power, Kick, etc. These will come in especially handy when it’s cold and miserable this winter…I seriously am NOT looking forward to winter because it totally limits my outdoor workout activities which is such a depressing thought! BUT – with a few new workouts to add to my at-home fitness library, well, I think I can handle that this winter. 😉

On a similar note – STILL haven’t figured out what my next challenge is gonna be quite yet, but am hoping that the promise of new workouts this fall will at least keep me from feeling bored. Until that next “dare to be great” moment comes along. 😉