You are amazing…

…just the way you are.

As sung by Bruno Mars:

A little “cheesy” (as uttered by my sis on our drive home from work tonight) yes.

Great message?

You bet your ass (that was also for you, Jo)!

There are few words that leave me with a rosy cheeked (shy) grin on my face.




Yup, those all do it.

Why? Because they are words that you typically only hear uttered by a loved one.

Who love you for you are.

Just the way you are.

So, why do we find it so hard to describe ourselves that way. Earnestly. Accepting ourselves just the way we are?

This thought popped into mind after my sis and I chatted about it ever so briefly as she dropped me off at home tonight when the song popped on the radio. I said that someone describing me as looking “amazing” sort of stuns me…in a good way, in a surprising way.

Like, whaaa?

You think I look amazing?


(side note – Jo’s new man, aptly named Doctor Boy if you read her blog – uttered that very phrase on their first date…as she would say “swoon.”)

This all, of course, goes back to my goal of banishing fat talk from my vocabulary (still a work in progress) and accepting myself as beautiful just the way I am (ala Operation Beautiful).

While I try, try, try to get there in my own mind’s eye, this song certainly sends a tingle down my spine every single time I hear it pop on the radio. And reminds me that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, beautiful and amazing just the way I am. Cheesy or not. It does the trick. 😉

(another side note – this post also partially inspired by a recent post from Melissa at Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater; rock on!)