So…I *think* I might have patellar tendonitis…

…but I don’t want to stop running until it heals.

What’s a girl to do?

Well – I’d love to ignore the problem entirely and run through the injury.

But I know that won’t solve the problem, it’ll just prolong recovery time and could even cause further injury.

Neither of these are things I want to see happen.

BUT I love to run and it makes me want to cry to think that I might not be able to. At least in the short-term.

So I *think* this is what I’ll do to avoid getting too depressed due to lack of runner’s high, now that half marathon training this summer totally kicked my run-obsession into high gear. I’m going to:

Cross-train. This means in lieu of running as my main form of cardio this week, I’m going to stick to spinning and kickboxing (neither hurt my knee to do so I am calling them a-ok in my book).

Purchase a patellar strap. I have a knee brace but am thinking the patellar strap might be a better option at this point.

Strengthen my hips and quads. To improve strength in those areas, thus alleviating over-stressing my knee when I do run again.

Stop running. At least for this week (I can’t think beyond one week of no running so this is my coping mechanism! One week…not soooo bad, right? Weeks of no running? Very bad/sad. Not going there. Yet.)

That last one kills me. I ran both yesterday and today and LOVED being out in the brisk fall air, especially since both runs involved my favorite running companions. On Saturday – I had a “run date” with Jo and Steph (aka Wicked Half-ers!) and today I ran with Scott. Loved it. I noticed, on both days, that my knee was actually doing pretty good until the last mile or so of the run. I only logged about 5 or so miles on Saturday and 4ish today so the mileage was definitely pared back from this summer/early-fall, but still – the fact that I was distracted by the knee pain is a sign that something needs to be done to fix it.

SO, I’m HOPING that this will be a very short-term fix – I honestly and really hoping that after this week, I’ll be able to run as soon as this weekend so we’ll see. Long story short, everyone send some good vibes my knee’s way this week, please!!! <sigh>


Bummed out Bettie

28 thoughts on “So…I *think* I might have patellar tendonitis…

  1. Sorry you’re in pain babe…but you have to think beyond the next week, you’re going to need those knees for 70 more years!!

    • lalala, I’m not listeninnnnng. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding (kinda) – I know you’re right, I just don’t wannnnnnnna think past this week!! Maybe Optimistic Ollie will save me??

  2. Yes, get that strap. It will really really help. And wear it if you do step and when you do leg workouts. Trust me on this one!! I have the same issues with my left knee. I would definitely ice it down after any run too. At least it’s not hurting from the beginning of the runs too. So maybe just keep the runs shorter for now as well. You’ll be back in action in no time! πŸ˜‰

    • I’m sending Scott on a mission to get me a strap tomorrow so I can use it on Tuesday when I work legs next. I’m SERIOUSLY hoping that the fact that I’ve already pared back my mileage and will nix running during the week this week that I’ll be able to run again on Saturday. Even if it means keeping them shorter for a little bit, at least it would still be running. Seriously – why did I have to get bit by the running bug, now it’s just taunting me. πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, I’ll sit and be jealous of your running mileage, mmk?

  3. no fun to have that injury but also the perfect time to start focusing on biking/swimming. Then once spring come around and you can run, you can do your TRIATHLON!!

    • I know, you and Meg both want me to get this triathalon bug in a big way, huh? That would require me to learn to swim first…which isn’t out of the realm of possibility either. I just need to find a private lesson somewhere I think?? Hmmmm.

  4. Gosh, I really hope that a week off alleviates your problems… That’s rough but agree with the commenters above… maybe some pool time will help. I always feel so revived after a pool workout.

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