I heart you, patella strap, I do

That’s right – who knew a little ‘ol patella strap would make me so happy on an otherwise dreary, slightly sleep-deprived Tuesday morning?

Yes, my friends – this is my #TheLittleThings thanks for the day.

I’ve been so worried about my knee issues, as you all well know by now, so when I got up to do an STS Legs workout from Meso 1 (typically a really intense leg workout any old day, but with an injured knee, even more so), I was a little bit nervous about how things would go.

I promptly strapped on the patella strap my husband was good enough to pick up for me yesterday and wouldn’t you know, with the first round of lunges my knee felt MUCH better. More cushioned and supported during the more knee-intensive leg work (i.e. lunges, squats, slide-back lunges…you get the drill).

Gave me SUCH confidence that this knee ‘o mine will be good as new in no time. That is, if I try, try, TRY not to push it too hard over the weekend. I still want to try to run but we’ll see how the rest of this week’s workouts go. Tomorrow is a cross-train day (spinning) which should be a good test.

So long story short? My 25 days of the little things “thanks” today is a big old shout-out to my newfound love-fest with my patella strap.

And you thought I’d never be able to write an entire post on a patella strap, didn’t you? 😉