False advertising, and other ruminations (and #TheLittleThings!)

So – while I was elliptical-ing away the other night (which – even with my Kick music blaring, was still not the most exciting of cardio days for me – but like I said, it got the job done), I noticed the calorie burn listed on the machine. And then I looked down at my own handy-dandy heart rate monitor.


WAY off.

By the end of my workout (50 mins, roughly), I had burned about 450 calories according to my HR monitor. The elliptical machine’s monitor? Almost 600 calories.

That’s a big difference! And that was with me even adding my age, weight, etc. to the elliptical when I first got going. And it was still way, way off.

So not only is that total false advertising but it’s no wonder so many Americans unknowingly are caught overestimating their calorie burn during workouts and end up overcompensating on their eats and voila, they aren’t seeing the results they had hoped or expected to.

Moral of this story? Don’t trust the calorie burn on those cardio machines. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor (which I’m sure most don’t, unless you’re a fitness fanatic like moi!), my advice would be to use that calorie burn as a guide but not a hard and fast truth – in general, it’s probably at least off by 100-150 calories or so, at least based on my experience earlier this week proved to me.

So anyway, some random ruminations for you on this rainy, dreary Friday morning.

The good news? I have some #TheLittleThings catching up to do since I didn’t post yesterday.

Here you go:

#TheLittleThings for yesterday: Watching Isabel cooing away while my sister got ready before I left for work yesterday.  She did the same for me today – just look at this face, I mean – could she be ANY cuter if she tried??

#TheLittleThings for today? So much to choose from, but I’ll pick just one: Getting together with both of my sisters (and my niece, of course!) and one of my favorite friends for a little Friday night pizza action at the Sutera Manor. Sort of a last little celebration before my sister and Isabel pack up and head home tomorrow (*sniff!*). She’s almost through her recovery and I couldn’t be happier to have been so involved in the process these past couple of weeks. I’m so proud of her for how far she’s come, it’s been amazing to be part of it, to bond with her and the baby, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, if you’re curious to hear more about her story, you should check out her blog, btw: http://squashgirlphd.blogspot.com/where she’s relaying her story from start to finish. Incredible.