Power in Perspective

I’m back on the “Perspective, Dammit!” train.

I’ve been trying so hard to see the bigger picture, not letting the little things drive me nuts, focusing on those #TheLittleThings to be thankful for, and just breathing in my life for what it is – pretty damn good.

Despite this, lately I’ve still found myself struggling to not only find new/better/broader perspective, but to live it, embrace it, love it.

And then, I read the latest daily devotional email from Joel Osteen and once again, a *slapslapslap* of perspective at just the right moment:

It’s easy to get focused on what’s wrong in life, what we don’t have, and how big our obstacles are. If we’re not careful, we’ll lose sight of all the good things God has done. We’ll take for granted our family, friends, health and the opportunities God has blessed us with. We’ll get so busy and stressed out that we won’t appreciate the gift of today. What’s happened? Our perspective has gotten off.

Perspective is all about how we see a situation. There’s power in your perspective because you will draw into your life what you constantly meditate on. Business may be slow. The economy may be down. The wrong perspective is, “I’ll never make it. It’s just too much.” The right perspective is, “God is supplying all of my needs. He said He would prosper me even in a desert.”

How come this always sounds so logical, so obvious, so RIGHT but I so quickly lose sight of the bigger picture?

A couple weeks ago I was feeling under pressure – and thus, was losing sight of the fact that I’d been granted a special gift. Bonding time with my sister and niece. Irreplaceable time together. Priceless. Precious. I soon realized it and gained new perspective…before it was too late to realize the error of my ways.

Even that annoying little thing called patellar tendinitis has been a constant source of frustration in the back of my mind. Yet – I so easily forget that I am lucky to be healthy 99.9999% of the time. Healthy, strong, fit, and able. A minor little knee injury? No sweat in the grand scheme of things. In the meantime, I’m lucky enough to have access to a gym where I can take other classes like spinning or kickboxing, or to simply hop on the elliptical machine in lieu of running. Not everyone has access like that. Nevermind a complete home gym at home, too. Looking back on a couple of my recent posts where I spouted off my frustration, I feel silly, embarrassed even. I am blessed for so many reasons.

Perspective, dammit, perspective.

So today – #TheLittleThings I’m thankful for? A dose of perspective ala Joel Osteen (and some much needed side convos with one of my favorite friends on this very topic over email today, too).



10 thoughts on “Power in Perspective

  1. Great post, I really needed this today, I think I’ve been on a bit of a pity party for myself recently. Life hasn’t “gone to plan” and then I’ve been having eye problems (have lost my sight in my right eye but am hopeful my eye will heal completely in the next three months). Maybe these setbacks like your knee problems and my eye are perhaps meant to test us and also make us appreciate the good in life.

    • You are so right, Susan! Your comment hit me like a ton of bricks this morning…after hearing what you’re going through with your eye, I cannot even imagine how hard that must be! My piddly knee issue is nothing in comparison (and I know you didn’t bring it up so I’d feel bad but still…your perspective is great, so thank you for that)

  2. Love this post. It’s soooo true. Why is it so hard for us to appreciate the little things in life – those things that truly make us happy, make us smile? Why do we so easily forget about them… Just gotta remember that there is always someone else out there who has it worse than you. That always helps shift perspective for me. So you can’t run this week, but you love kick, you love weights and can do both. Hugs friend!

    • I blame it on us, collectively as a culture, moving so fast that we just miss the little things so often. Like the saying goes, “stop to smell the roses” – we never do that!

      • I totally agree and it doesn’t help when we spend most of our lives working working working and not being able to just enjoy life for what it is. Yesterday sort of made me sad b/c that’s how life should be in my mind, not cooped up in an office, but spending time with those you love, enjoying outdoors, etc.

  3. Yeah it’s a bit crazy about my right eye. I woke up two weeks ago and everything looked a bit strange. I closed my left eye and I couldn’t see with my right eye. I went to the eye hospital and they did tests and there is retinal haemorrhages in the eye and damage to the nerve or something like that. They can’t figure out why because I’m young, healthy, don’t smoke, not overweight, diabetes etc. Going for cardiology tests at the moment in case it’s related to my eye. Weird or what. The eye specialist said there should be a recovery in 3 months hopefully. There is a big improvement in the past two weeks and my left eye is perfect to see with. Went out in the car at the weekend and now I’m safe to drive to that’s all good news. Reading your blog and your sisters blog is great, really like your posts.

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