If you could describe yourself with three words…

…what would they be?

And now, for the tricky part:

Do they describe who you are today, or who you aspire to be?

My three words (and by words I mean adjectives if we really need to get specific here):

  • Strong
  • Driven
  • Caring

Are they who I aspire to be?

I think so.

But I’m still mulling it over, thinking about the follow-ons to what it means to be strong – strong in spirit? Strong in body? Strong in mind? Driven as in committed and dedicated or driven as in overbearing/controlling?

Not really sure where this little experiment will take me but figured I’d throw it out to the blogosphere and see what stuck. 😉


Don’t forget #TheLittleThings movement – we still have about two weeks before Thanksgiving, afterall.  I’m thankful today for having the chance to Ride alongside Scott and my sis this morning with my favorite spin instructor. Not only was it one of the best Ride classes I’ve taken in awhile but I got to share the moment with two of my favorite people. Not a bad way to start a Winesday…er, Wednesday. 😉

13 thoughts on “If you could describe yourself with three words…

  1. Those are three solid words. I agree with your assessment!

    I’m totally loving #thelittlethings project. I’m keeping track of them in a journal and have a neat crafty project for myself at the end of the 25 days. Hopefully I can find some time to do it!

  2. Strong,Driven and Caring are definitely good traits to have and to aspire to. I think for myself I’m impulsive (which can be a good and bad trait), adaptable (I can fit into most situations and get on with most people, can be bad too if I’m too adaptable especially in relationships when I’m not myself). I’m very inquisitive(love learning about people and life). My friends sometimes joke that one of my first words when I was a baby must have been “why”.

  3. Interesting. I definitely see you as strong: mind, body, soul. I can see what you mean by driven as also controlling. I can be that way sometimes, but also driven to succeed. And you are most definitely caring. Just make sure you care for yourself too 😉

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