Perceptions and aspirations


You guys totally impressed me with your responses to my last post where I posed the following question:

“If you could describe yourself with three words, what would they be?”

I then posed the follow-on question:

“Do they describe who you are today, or who you aspire to be?”

And from the sounds of your responses, you are who you want to be today but it’s also who you’ve aspired to be.

I’d agree with that, personally.

I feel proud of who I am – I feel comfortable in my own skin, I feel confident, happy and centered.

Ask me that a few years ago – if I felt I was where I was meant to be or had grander aspirations, and I’d probably say I wasn’t quite there yet.

I think that partly has to do with who I’ve emerged as in the last few years, really being able to “own it,” (let’s just call that “maturity” too, vs. age, ha!) but also has to do with changing my own self-perceptions as well. Perceptions vs. reality – now that’s a nuance in and of itself, right?  I’ve got to say, though, a lot of those self-perception changes have come from blogging for me – I’ve learned so much about myself just by using this blog for jotting down whatever is going on in my head, just letting those words come as they may. And it’s been hugely eye-opening for me.

It’s also been my own personal motivation machine, this blog. I’ve challenged myself in so many more ways this past year than I probably would have otherwise – yes, I’m a girl who loves a good challenge, but I don’t know if I”d go out on a limb as much as I’ve done this past year if this here blog wasn’t keeping me accountable. 😉

This gets me to my next point…aspirations.

I aspired to be a Kick instructor.

I aspired to be a half marathoner.

I aspire to be strong, fit, healthy, and balanced.

Done, done, and done.

I’ve been looking for the what’s next and well, my sister pretty much settled it for me. While I DO still want to do another half marathon next year (yes, I’m putting this down in writing for all to see), I will also join my sister in learning to swim and in completing a triathalon next year.


Now it’s real.

I better get moving…er, swimming??


#TheLittleThings – let’s not forget, those, right? I’m thankful for a super-cute outfit I’m wearing today (black wrap dress, tights and naughty monkey heels)  that’s put a little extra spring in my step and even got me a compliment in the kitchen while making my oatmeal at the office. And you’ll all be pleased to know that I accepted the compliment rather than brushing it off like I”m prone to doing. 😉