Core Fusion + Kick=Rockin’ duo

Well, today officially kicks off (no pun intended!) my self-imposed Core Fusion challenge. And because I was craving a cardio burn after yesterday’s rest day, I chose to pair it with a Kick workout at home first.

Hello match made in heaven, much

It was an awesome duo! As my post title suggests, it rocked my socks off!

Couple things I noticed right off the bat:

  • I was much more aware of my core during Kick.
  • My kicks and jabs were stronger and more grounded because my core was held firm.
  • My ab curl during Core Fusion: Body Sculpt? Well it sure wasn’t perfect but it was much-improved!

And this just one day into the official start of my Core Fusion challenge – but a couple of weeks after I first (re)introduced Core Fusion back into my workout regime after far too much time spent away from it.

I’m totally impressed already with the improvements I’m seeing and cannot even imagine what the rest of this week will bring.

I may have a problem though – where will I fit all this Core Fusion action once STS starts again and I can run again?? A problem for another day I suppose (and a good one, at that!).

In other Core Fusion news – I had a total fitness geek-out moment today when Fred DeVito, co-creator of Core Fusion and founding member of Exhale Spa – not only started following me on twitter (before I followed him, no less) but he tweeted out to me, giving a shout-out to my blog and my Core Fusion Challenge! For your viewing pleasure:

A #30 day challenge student using #core fusion dvd’s to reshape her body + strengthen her core! I am here 4 U, baby!

YES. That was his last tweet and it was to ME! AND after that, we DM’d back and forth a few times where I soon learned that he’d be heading to the Boston Exhale Spa in December to teach a few classes. He invited me to join, shall I call that a personal invite or what?? Of course, I’m definitely SO there!!

Anyway, my geeky fitness gal story ‘o the day. Hope you enjoyed it. And for the record, let’s call that my #TheLittleThings of the day, too. A two for one, what could be better, right? And yes, I’m on a total endorphin high since I just finished working out and feel like I’m typing this post a mile a minute. Don’t mind me. 😉


In other news, I had a chance to see my sister and my super-duper-most-adorable-niece-on-the-planet on Sunday and LOVED every minute of it. I don’t think it fully hit me just how much I missed her until I saw her, got to snuggle with her, cheek-to-cheek and kiss her soft little head.

I even admitted to my dad, after seeing Scott with Isabel in the other room, rocking her to sleep (he’s like the “baby whisperer” I swear) that “I was so screwed” now that Isabel has both Scott and I smitten beyond belief. We were both on the no-kids-just-cats bandwagon forever…and well, now, we’re on the “welllll…maybeeee….someday” bandwagon. Dammit! 😉

12 thoughts on “Core Fusion + Kick=Rockin’ duo

  1. Totally geeking out too! I didn’t realize that was FRED from the DVDs!! That’s awesome! We HAVE to go to Exhale in December!! And yeah, we are both screwed in the baby department..she’s too cute for words 😉

    • YES! That was Fred from the DVDs!! How cool, right?? Now you know why I was totally dorking out this AM!

      And PS. Slightly relieved that you’re also screwed in the baby department, whew, now I’m not the only one 😉

  2. So cool you’re loving the workouts AND how cool that he tweeted. I know how excited I get if Cathe “likes” a post/comment on Facebook. Love that picture of you and Isabel. So sweet. I’m sort of surprised at the change of heart 😉 Actually, you’re young and have plenty of time to make that decision.

    • I’m glad you “get” my geeky-ness about Fred. Ditto goes for Cathe – she rocks the house!

      And yeah, I KNEW you’d say that about the change of heart!! HA! Like I said – this is a “someday” thing, not a “tomorrow” thing (thank God! I need time to digest this latest development LOL)

  3. A strong Core is like the golden ticket to Everything! I was practicing head stands last week and realized how much easier it was to balance as soon as I focused on my abs and what they were doing…

    Then I was sore for days. But, totally worth it 😉

    • It really is – it helps you run better, faster, stronger, it helps you kick harder, and more balanced. It helps you swim stronger and more fluidly. It protects your core in so many ways. So yes, I’m reallly thankful that I am finally committing to a stronger core, I feel better already! And PS. Wow on the headstands – I give you kudos for that!!

  4. That’s so cool! Will you be going to Boston Exhale Spa in December? I really have to check out the Core Fusion dvds, which one is the best of the core/ab area or are they all good? I’m about to do STS disc 4 this morning, wow, I feel sore the next day after each of the STS workouts but good sore.

    Isabel is a sweetie!! You know cats and babies could work too!

    • Yes – I’m definitely going to try to make one of his classes! It will be awesome to do his class live and in person versus in front of the TV. Plus I really do love the classes, they are just hard to fit in on a regular basis, you know what I mean? I’d highly recommend the body sculpt or pilates abs DVDs – have yet to try the glutes/thighs workout though I’m sure it’s amazing too.

  5. Oh how exciting!!! And I love your excitement about the workouts and stuff in general. I can’t wait to have posts to write like that again. 😉

    Your niece is cute! She makes me want another little girl. I think we’re good with 2 though.

  6. Girl, with all of your cross training, I can only imagine this will help all of your running that much more! That is awesome! I know I’ve said this for awhile, but I really do need to try Kick…..

    I didn’t realize you didn’t want kids? That is so funny because I think you (and your sis!) look like SUCH naturals with your niece. You are just BEAMING in your pics. 🙂 Not to put any pressure on you (at all!), but I know you would make an amazing mama. But we are both so “young” still, right? We can just be kids ourselves for a little bit? 😉

    • You are TOO cute Holly. Thank you for saying so – I guess until I had a chance to get close to a little one did I realize that maybe I am cut out for mommyhood ONE day in the distant future 😉 I’m not there yet but at least the brain is open to it!!

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