Mini-core (fusion) update and some (hopefully) good news

Alright, so I’m now well into my own Core Fusion challenge and the verdict?

I’m in love.

I FINALLY like – dare I say love – to work my core…FINALLY!

I’ve always battled with sticking to a core workout that I actually enjoyed doing and one that works.

Well my friends – I think (((Core Fusion))) is it.

(Thank you Exhale – especially for all the twitter love you’ve given to me today, love that you’re all following my little challenge this week!)

Today I did another round of Core Fusion: Body Sculpt – the same workout I did yesterday and owwwww, my glutes and abs were hating me by the end. But you know me and my love of DOMS? They’re baaaack. AND – that ab curl is slowly, slowly, slowly getting a smidge easier to maintain…just a smidge, but hey – that’s progress, right?

So anyway, as an update on my schedule for this week – tomorrow I’m taking a day off from Core Fusion to get my Ride on and then Thursday and Friday I’ll get back to the Core Fusion challenge.

And then Saturday – well, what do you think is on the agenda that day?

Well – that brings me to my (hopefully) good news…

My knees feel SO much better that I think I’ll finally be able to get back to running this weekend! You have NO idea how happy this makes me…wellll – you probably do since I’ve been whining blogging about it for weeks now, huh?

This is my certainly my #TheLittleThings for today – happ(ier) knees at last! Fingers crossed that it keeps up by this weekend. Or trust me, you’ll be hearing it from me. 😉