One week later – results and ruminations

Well – it’s been one week since I threw down the Core Fusion gauntlet on myself.

Just one week later and what have I got to show for it, hmm?

  • I feel stronger and dare I say, taller? (I use “taller” in relative terms, I am *just* 5’3″ afterall)
  • My core feels more like a core and less like a hindrance
  • I notice the impact it’s had on my other workouts (namely Kick, actually)

You’ll note that I don’t have pictures or anything to share (I didn’t take any, nor did I take measurements) – I mean really, it’s only been a week since this little “challenge” began and besides that, I’m not necessarily looking for just “surface” results here. I’m looking for strength and a core that will take me places. Not six-pack abs (this reminds me of Tina’s recent post on abs, which was awesome btw, and I totally agree with her).

So – for all intents and purposes, my Core Fusion challenge this past week has been a successful one. And for reasons that I’m proud to share as I stated above – and I’m psyched that I finally found a core workout that I’m confident I’ll stick with. FINALLY!

It is interesting, though (this is where my “ruminations” are coming in for the day…), that after just one week, I have a great new outlook on my goals for the cold winter months ahead. While I’m still planning to commit to a triathalon this coming summer as well as another half marathon at some point next year, I’m also excited about the little goals I’ve tucked into the back of my mind. I’m feeling a little bit less antsy and a lot more focused and I love that. I’m focused on building a strong core this winter, building additional strength through my third round of STS (starting meso 2 next week, woo!) and getting back into running now that my knee appears to be on the mend (can I get an “amen!”). Oh yeah, and how can I forget my quest to learn how to swim at the ripe old age of 31?! 😉

Clearly, I”m in quite the thankful mood today. Pretty fitting given next week is Thanksgiving – which I cannot believe is already upon us! I’m excited to run the Wild Turkey Run for the third year in a row now – it’s a great route, and is actually right around the same spot as the Wicked Half starts so I’m sure it’ll bring back loads of memories, too!

If I could share one #TheLittleThings thought for today (I feel like this entire post has been one big thank you, actually!), I’d say this: I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to continue to push myself physically, I realize that not everyone has so many fitness options at their fingertips and am so grateful for that. This is probably why I am so motivated to find new challenges to try, among other reasons. 😉




9 thoughts on “One week later – results and ruminations

  1. Great post,glad you got results with the Core Fusion challenge. I definitely have to check out those dvds. Thinking of trying Cathe’s Athletic Step before I head out this evening. I got it in a trade and it arrived today. Is it any good? Have a great weekend and roll on the new Cathe workouts. Looking forward to reading your reviews on them.

  2. Just to let you know I just did Athletic Step, love the music on it. I got a bit confused with some of the moves but overall I really liked this workout. Roll on the new Cathes!!

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