Ahhh, runner’s high

I’m baaaack!

I finally got my run on this weekend after patiently waiting for my knees to recover. And, all that waiting was totally worth it!

I loved everything about it – from putting on my cold running gear (Under Armor running tights, my Wild Turkey Run dry-weave top from my first 5-mile race on Thanksgiving three years ago) to strapping on both of my patella straps,ย  setting my heart rate monitor and double-knotting my laces.

I felt at home and excited to hit the road.

And slightly nervous, too.

Nervous that my knees wouldn’t be ready (they were).

Nervous that I’d suddenly lost all of my running endurance I built up during half training (it’s still there, a wee bit rusty but nothing a couple weeks back in the saddle won’t fix).

Nervous that I’d lost my love of running after being away from it for what felt like eons (I didn’t).

Instead, it was an awesome run – not more than 4.5 or so miles, along a very familiar route near our house. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but it was just so nice to find my groove again with my favorite running partner by my side checking in on me every so often to make sure I wasn’t stubbornly running on a knee that wasn’t quite ready yet. (Hmm, does my husband know me well or what?? hehe)

And, even though my knees did ache just slightly by the end, it was nothing like it had felt before. I promptly iced them down and they felt fine the rest of this weekend. I even chose today as my rest day to make sure my knees had plenty of time to recover.

Of course, now I’m itching to run again before our third annual appearance at the Wild Turkey Run near our house on Thanksgiving. I am totally jazzed for Thursday’s race this year. Not only because it’s our third time running this race and it’s always a lot of fun (and a great way to kick off a foodie filled day!), but because I’m able to run it (I was worried I wouldn’t be able to this year) and I’m hoping to run it faster than I did last year (51:45 last year). That’s the goal, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚


As we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I’m feeling especially thankful this year, a feeling I plan to recap on Thanksgiving Day. But for now, I’ll leave you with my #TheLittleThings for this weekend – an awesome time with some of the best friends this girl could ever ask for last night at “Friendsgiving” at my best friend’s house. Great food, great wine, lots of laughs…what more could you ask for in life really, right??

Take one! With wine in hand!

Take two! Check out that spread!

11 thoughts on “Ahhh, runner’s high

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I know…there truly is nothing that compares to runner’s high – it’s the best. And you don’t really realize how much you miss it until you haven’t experienced it in awhile. I’m rooting for you – three more weeks and counting!

    • You gotta shake those nerves off sis, running is supposed to be somewhat fun now isn’t it? You’ll get there again, I promise! We need to run together again, that might do the trick ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Yeah you’re back running, that’s great news! Glad you enjoyed your friends night out. Love the photos and the second photo including the sweet dog! Had a great weekend too and looking forward to getting the new Cathe dvds very soon.

  2. High 5’s girl. So glad you had good run!! Amazing what can happen when we listen to our bodies and let them recover huh. (note to self LOL) Love all the “gear” too b/c that’s how I feel. It’s nothing like just grabbing the sneaks and hitting the road. Nope, gotta have the right clothes, monitors, life jackets for the knees, and the list can go on.

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