Sending a breakfast SOS!

So – I had much grander plans for tonight’s blog post but let’s just say life got in the way of said grandiose bloggy plans.

It happens, yes?

Instead, I’m dedicating this very short post to send a very urgent SOS.

I am in DIRE need of new, fun, healthy breakfast ideas.

I’ve come to the very sad conclusion that I am simply overnight oatmeal-ed out. <—yes, that is the technical term for it, btw

How can that be???

Well – it happened. Today was my last round of overnight oats for awhile I’m afraid. I could barely eat them. I am THAT sick of them (despite my attempt at sprucing them up with some canned pumpkin mixed in this time too, how sad!).

So I’m sending all of my fitness and foodie bloggy friends a desperate request.

PLEASE send me your best, most favorite, most satisfying breakfast ideas.

I’ve tried…high-protein energy bars, the infamous breakfast cookie from Fitnessista, high-fiber cereal with banana, greek yogurt (but this is typically my afternoon snack, and dare I say I’m also sick of that?? A problem for another day I ‘spose) and of course, oatmeal.

If possible, I’m looking for a portable breakfast with a good mix of complex carbs, healthy fats/proteins and anything that will excite these oatmeal-ed out tastebuds again.

Thanks in advance. I promise to return the favor one day!! 😉