I am thankful


Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m actually kind of surprised by this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and gratitude I”m feeling in looking back on this past year. Joel Osteen sums it up nicely in today’s daily devotional, actually:

No matter what may be happening in the world around you, you can always find something to thank God for. Gratitude is a powerful force that opens the door to God’s blessing. Having constant gratitude proves your faith in God because not only do you thank Him for what He has done in the past, you thank Him for what He will do in the future. It’s that kind of faith that pleases God. Constant gratitude also shows humility because when we are thankful, we magnify God instead of magnifying our problems. It gives us proper perspective and opens the door for God’s grace, favor and supernatural empowerment.

Even though this year isn’t quite over, that “winding down” feeling is certainly upon us. So, I thought I’d take today’s post to list just a handful of things that I am most grateful for from this past year – some are big things, but many are #TheLittleThings because let’s face it, those “little things” all add up to one gigantic feeling of gratitude and grace, am I right?

I am thankful:

  • For my family – that is stronger than ever, especially after what we’ve collectively experienced due to my sister’s serious infection this fall after the birth of the most beautiful little niece ever (see her blog recap here if you’re interested in her perspective – it’s unreal to re-read it myself and I was there to experience it!)
  • For my “sister friends” – who are also family to me in so many ways. This past year has proven to be one of those “take me or leave me” years for friendship and it’s actually been great to see who those true friends are in life that will stick by your side through thick and thin and will love you just the same.
  • For my sisters – we have bonded in ways I never thought possible this year. I honestly have no idea what I’d do without them and I”d rather not even think about it.
  • For my husband – who is, by far, the most loving, caring, and devoted husband ever. I love him so much. He keeps me sane when I go off the Type-A deep end, he makes me laugh (often at myself) and loves me as deeply as I love him. And damn, he sure makes a rockstar running partner, too (he better strut his stuff tomorrow – that 5-miler is going to be freezing!!)
  • For good health and ability – I am healthy, fit and strong. I’ve recovered from what was, in the grand scheme of things, a very minor knee injury and I’m back to being able to throw myself into new and fun challenges (hello, tri, hello another half??)
  • For memories – the EPIC trip to wine country being just one of them. Endless trips to the lake in Maine. A return to the Cathe Road Trip. Among others. I am thankful and grateful for those opportunities to travel, I know I’m lucky to be able to afford them. I do not take it for granted.
  • For challenges – conquering Kick, conquering the Wicked Half. Both proved to me that I am stronger (mentally and physically) than I give myself credit for. Also proved to me that I have a wicked competition streak too. 😉

Whoa. This is just the start of the running list of things I’m thankful and grateful for this year. I could go on and on. And THAT is an amazing feeling.

I’m humbled by it.

Contented by it.

Centered by it.