Things that make me go “hmm”

“Things that make me go “hmm”


It always makes me pause, hesitate, struggle to accept it.

Change can be scary.

Change can also be very good.

But it’s still change nonetheless. And that is hard to swallow sometimes.

This applies to all area of life – and yes, workouts too (but you knew I’d go there!)

If you stick to the same routine day in and day out, yes – it’s boring. It usually gets the job done. But – your body also gets sooo used to it. Before you know it, your workouts aren’t even all that effective anymore. And what’s the point of that, right? The point of a workout that consistently changes is that it always challenges you, constantly throws you for a loop, constantly shocks the system (in the best way possible).

Funny – but this is exactly how other changes in life impact you, even the temporary changes. (I know, I know only I would relate a workout analogy to all of life…how sage am I?? sorry – a little slap-happy tonight, forgive me)

Another example? Even though I struggled to find a balance amidst the chaos (my sis blogged about this very issue of “chaos” in her blog tonight too, totally on the same wavelength this week) while my sister and my niece were staying with me, ultimately – that “change” opened my eyes in ways I never thought imaginable. And granted me with a special gift I could never repay: memories. moments. That will last a lifetime.

Despite how much I HATED not being able to run for weeks on end, that forced change in workout routine? It opened my mind up to new approaches to my workouts that I’d never have considered or been willing to consider had I not been injured and forced into change. As a result? I discovered that working abs really isn’t all that bad, and in fact – Core Fusion is my newest love, one that I strive to find time to fit into my workouts each week now. Because it works. Because it invokes change. Because it’s different.

Long story short? I urge you all to embrace change – you never know where those changes will take you. Big or small, all change does is invoke new learnings, and really – is there anything at all wrong with that? Other than it being a titch scary or uncomfortable at times? (Ok, a lot of the time)

Just something making me go “hmmm” tonight (in my best attempt at being all sage and wise and all…)