Motivation annnnnd holiday temptation, oh my!

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs lately talking about the holidays approaching and learning to “let go” of routine in favor of enjoying the holiday season.

And it got me thinking.

I’m not sure I necessarily agree.

But hear me out first.

While I am ALL for letting go of routine now and then – because what would life be like if we stuck to a rigid routine 100% of the time, right? I don’t necessarily think that “the holidays” is a reason to throw caution to theĀ  wind. At least not entirely.

Now before you hop all over me for being anti-balance all of a sudden, trust me – nothing has changed there. My big thing is that yes – we should ALL enjoy the holidays for what they’re meant for: time spent with family and friends, making memories, trading gifts, and yes – eating yummy treats we typically only get once per year.

BUT – those yummy treats and endless holiday parties and outings ultimately will add up. I’m much more of the mindset that trying to stick to your usual eats and workouts as much as possible without missing out on the holiday cheer is also important. Yes, it takes balance. I’d never suggest skipping a holiday party in favor of a spin class. Don’t be silly.

What I would recommend, though? Using your workouts to maintain consistency, where possible. I wouldn’t suggest trying lots of crazy new workouts or workout routines during the holiday season because it’ll be hard to maintain and you’d be prone to failure – and let’s be honest, “failing” is a recipe for ruined motivation – maybe for good.

Long story short? Try to stick to your “usual” tried-and-true workouts (and eats) and enjoy the holiday season and the treats that come with it as just that – treats (as I sit here envisioning a sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles!).

Just my two cents though. Agree? Disagree?