Random Thoughts Friday

<ok so most of these turned out to be “questions” versus “thoughts” but they are all still quite random…>

  • Why do I always feel surprised when a stranger passing me by in the parking lot says “Good morning, how are you?” We should all do that more often, I think. Put a smile on my face as I walked into the office today.
  • Why does using a plastic knife become increasingly more difficult the closer to the bottom of the peanut butter jar you get?
  • Does anyone else get skeeved out when a banana gets too “banana-ry?” <–yes, that is the technical term
  • Somehow – and it happens every time – the holiday cups at Starbucks make me smile. Just seeing them makes me giddy. Could be because I’m also a caffeine-addict, but those red cups man, they are something else.
  • Why does it always get so awkward in the elevator? Nobody wants to look at eachother, or daresay – say “hello, how are you?” It’s like everyone is just nervously waiting for that door to open so they can get the hell outta there as fast as possible. Are we *that* antisocial as a society??
  • Have you ever described a workout as “puke-worthy?” As in, OMG I just might throw-up all over this spin bike. Just me? Nah, didn’t think so. 😉
  • Does anyone else find themselves victim to e-newsletter overload? If you’re like me and also suffer from said newsletter-overload-syndrome, are you also guilty of not clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of those newsletters because that would take MUCH longer than scrolling through mountains of newsletters to get to your “real” email. Um, right.
  • Do you ever find yourself dazing off and next thing you know, you’re mentally planning your workouts for the next week? Yeah, I *never* do that. 😉
  • Why does it always seem to take longer and longer for Friday to arrive the colder and more winter-y it gets?

On that note, happy Friday everyone. I hope you enjoyed my randomness today. Clearly feeling a wee bit slap-happy so thanks for bearing with me on this post. heh.

And, feel free to pile on with your random thoughts, I’d love to know I’m not nearly as alone in my randomness as I think.  😉

16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Friday

  1. LOL – too funny. Girl, I sit and plan out my workouts all the dang time. And puke-worthy oh yes, totally understand that one 😉 I’m with you on the first one. It’s always nice when someone acknowledges you exist isn’t it? I always try to make it a point to make eye contact and smile at people I pass. Most of the time they smile and wave even. I do that when I’m running too, especially when running solo and I see another lone sole. Solidarity 😉

    Oh and yes, we are that much of an anti-social society these days. I think it’s the fact that more and more we’re tied to computers. I mean I email my coworkers sitting right freaking next to me!

  2. Yep I have random thoughts all the time, I’m also like to read about fitness as I munch on pringles. Yep I’ve had the puke worthy workouts especially when doing spin class. The instructor who teaches is hot hot!! So I can deal with the killer workout, his body is superb, me and my friends stare him out of it during the class. I also had a puke moment doing body max 2. Yep I get loads of newsletter too and random stuff sent to me that I never read.

  3. I like this! My random thoughts are a little something I like to call “Thoughts from the Cubicle.” All day while I’m at work I have the most random thoughts. Like yesterday, I sat down and thought, “I have no idea where my mailbox is.” I just moved to a new apartment complex and it had just occurred to me I didn’t know where my mailbox was.

    Today’s random thought from the cubicle: I’m broke before 1pm on payday. How did that happen AGAIN?! 😀

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  5. Okay, I LOVED your random thoughts! I think randomly all.day.long. Good to know I’m not alone. 🙂

    Random thought – why does time as a whole go by (or seem to) more quickly as an adult, yet when you’re….say…stuck in a job you hate, each day crawls by? 😉

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