Hmm, growth

So, in catching up on my bloggy friends this weekend, I was reading one of my new(er) blog friends’ posts from today – Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch who posted on the concept of “growth” versus “goals” and it got me thinking.

Now, I’m a huge goals person. I think it goes back to me being super-duper Type-A and my need and desire for structure. By setting goals and working towards new challenges, I’m usually handed a pretty structured approach to reaching those goals versus just stumbling upon new challenges and meeting them just by chance.

I’m not a “just by chance” kind of gal, if you haven’t noticed yet but now. Though, I strive to be less “structured” and more free-flowing, but let’s just say that’s a huge-ass work in progress, mmk? 😉

So, in reading Lindsay’s post – she commented on how not into goal-setting she is because it stresses her out. Instead, she looks at “growth” opportunities. Basically areas in her life that she can identify as areas she can “grow” in, in some shape or form. This month, she’s focusing on time management as an area to grow into, but isn’t setting pre-defined “goals” for this “growth” opportunity, she’s just focusing on improving.

Seems logical, right?

Well for me, I’m sitting here wondering why I’m struggling with the concept of growth versus goals. I think it’s because I am so goddamn darn controlling in some ways that I struggle to relax and loosen my grip on my goals, letting them evolve naturally (i.e. “growing”) instead of in such a structured way. This could very well be why I’ve not only decided I’d like to tackle a tri in 2011 but that I’d like to tackle a second half as well. Both involve a high level of structure and planning. Right up my alley.

So I guess I’m wondering if I can stick to a focus on “growth” vs. “goals” in December, sort of as a test-run towards finding a way to relax my Type A tendencies just a wee bit. But even as I sit here typing this, I’m not really even sure where to start or how to “grow” into a less structured, less Type A version of me. All I’m looking for is to be more Type A- than Type A+, ya know what I mean?

But again, I’m not even sure where to start…so I’ll sit here ruminating on it a bit more while I enjoy what’s left of this weekend that went by in a whoooosh.  I’m all ears if you have ideas, in the meantime. 😉