So what makes a workout “puke-worthy” you ask?

Well – none of you really *asked* this question, but I’m gonna answer it anyway!

(and part of me is surprised nobody asked what I meant by that in my random post the other day, but then again – you’re all just as crazy as me so it kinda makes sense, scarily so!)

A workout just *may* be puke-worthy if it involves…

  • …your crazy – but favorite – spin instructor urging you to turn that resistance up higher than you thought you were capable of climbing at. And then pushed you to turn it up even more.
  • …double-wave loads (hello STS!). As in six, yes six, sets of one exercise done with 5% increased weights after each set. So for example: one set of chest presses at 20 lbs for 12 reps; set two at 22.5 lbs for 10 reps; set three at 25 lbs at 8 reps. Repeat series once from the beginning.
  • multiple rounds of double-wave loads. As in three in one workout. One for chest press. One for shoulder presses. One for tricep extensions. Oof. Oof. Oof.
  • …the coldest run you’ve done in awhile, complete with husband yelling at you to run as hard as you can, and that yes, your chest should be aching or you’re not running hard enough. <ahem>
  • …HiiT work (as in high intensity interval series). But not just any HiiT work. A round of true HiiT work (as in high intensity the entire time) followed by a round of low-impact HiiT work (much of the same intensity, just done with less wear on those joints).

And yes, these are all workouts I’ve done as recently as today, if not this past week.

And it’s been awesome.

JUST what this self professed workout-a-holic has been craving since the cold weather has hit. Lots of variety, lots of fun, lots of, um…near-puke moments? And I mean that in the best possible way, of course. πŸ˜‰

But now I gotta know – what was your last workout that left you gasping for air and praying for a reprieve??

And while I eagerly await your responses (hehe), I’ll go back to searching for my inner Type A-…I’m sure it’s around here somewhere….


17 thoughts on “So what makes a workout “puke-worthy” you ask?

  1. I haven’t had a puke worthy workout in a long time. Last year I did a bootcamp for a while and the first couple of classes made me feel like I was going to through up.

  2. I almost puked during my 5K yesterday. A sub-8:00/mi after a day of walking and eating cupcakes in NYC was quite the shock to the system…in the best way possible! Gotta love a good workout!

  3. It makes me so sad to say that my last puke worthy workout was my final leg workout in my competition training. A year ago. Then, I had to cut back in order to conceive and then of course pregnancy. Or I could say a week ago when my 2 mile walk left me with contractions. LOL

    • Aww friend! You’ll be back to those workouts before you know it – like I said, taking this time for your knee to heal will be the best decision you ever made. My knees don’t hurt at ALL now which is amazing, so worth the wait.

  4. “spin instructor urging you to turn that resistance up higher than you thought you were capable of climbing at. And then pushed you to turn it up even more.” — this was my workout last night. puketastic!

  5. Cathe’s HIIT 4020 is 100% puke worthy. I can handle wave pyramid and 3030 okay but 4020 kills me. Wow I’m impressed you’re lifting 20 pounds for bench presses in STS Jess, I can’t lift that much yet. At this rate, it looks like Santa might be bringing my Cathes, they’re taking too long to get here.

    • YES, I’d totally agree with you on those HiiT workouts! Intense like whoa πŸ˜‰
      I’m telling you, the more you do STS, the stronger you’ll get. I’m surprised I can lift that much too!

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