Nothing really quite compares…

…to the sound of my grandparents voice on the other end of the line after a long day.

So said my Facebook status tonight.

And I mean it.

There is nothing that can compare to the comforting sound of their voices on the other end of the line, always proud, always supportive, always sharing some cute tidbit from their day.

And it reminds me just how lucky I am to have two of my grandparents in such great health and sound mind. As my sister Jen blogged about recently, who made the very same observation after one of their twice-weekly visits to her house to see their grandaughter and great-grandaughter, too.

I feel so lucky. So loved. So supported. Absolutely blessed.

It’s times like this that I don’t even need those daily inspirations from Joel Osteen to pick me up on a down day. Or to dig really really deep for those little things to make me smile. To get me through another day.

The love of family. Nothing really quite compares now does it?

<< I know, random post ‘o the week over here. I just had to take this opportunity to capture how a simple conversation with my grandparents made me feel. If for no other reason than to refer to this blog post next time I’m having one of *those* days. Thank you for indulging me! 😉 >>


13 thoughts on “Nothing really quite compares…

  1. Nothing compares with family! Nothing even comes close to comparing to family! You are lucky your Grandparents are still around. I would have done anything to have had more time to spend with my Grandparents! I like you random post! : )

  2. I love this. I am extremely close to my grandmother and whenever I need a break in the action, I find a comfy spot on her couch. She supports and loves her family unconditionally. There’s no feeling like it.

  3. Ah this is a lovely post, our families are great aren’t they? Luckily all of my family are in great health, it’s just a pity that we don’t all live closer by.

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