Sometimes I wonder…

…if having a “fat day” means I’m just too darn body conscious or if I truly have some trouble areas that deserve attention.

…if friendships should be hard work to maintain (they shouldn’t).

…if marriage should be hard work to maintain (they should – more on this later).

…if I’ve gotten too loose with “eating intuitively” and hence my “fat day” feelings today.

…if I am trying to jam too many fitness goals into my plans for 2011 or not (learning to swim, tackling a tri, running another half…)

…if I am too damn Type A+++ for my own good or is that just me and at the ripe old age of 31 it’s time to either accept that or make some smart changes to get me to Type A- (I think my IRL friends will jump on the Type A- bandwagon pretty quickly…just sayin’)

…what 2011 will bring. I have a feeling that it will be, quite simply, amazing.

…if I need to revisit my series on Operation Beautiful, far too many negative self-doubt creeping into the back of my mind lately.

…why or how fitness has grown into such an integral part of my life. It sort of just happened one day, there was no a-ha moment. It’s just there. It’s defines me.

…where I’m going with this blog post, or any blog post really…I sort of just write and write and write and then I’m done.


I wonder.