Ah, endorphins

First of all – I have to thank you all for such great comments on my post yesterday about balance and my struggles with it, lately. I can’t get over how honest, supportive, and helpful they all were! And from some new faces, too – love it!

So clearly I’m feeling a lot more “me” and less in a battle with myself which is obviously a much better alternative than how I felt yesterday.

What I realized in spite of myself was something I’ve touched on before but made a big impact on me yesterday – endorphins.

Or lack thereof.

As of the posting of yesterday’s blog, I hadn’t gotten my workout groove on. Which isn’t a bad thing at all – I sure got my butt kicked last night instead- but it DEFinitely had a big impact on my mood all day.

I was in big-time overthinking mode, scrutinizing everything about myself as you witnessed in my post, and just wasn’t feeling very happy, energized or…me.

But after last night’s workout (a doozy – Kick followed by the second to last in my STS mesocycle 2 workouts), I suddenly had new perspective.

I felt strong again.

I felt confident again.

I felt happy.

And, healthy.

Now why it took a good workout to get that groove back, I’m not questioning – I know the answer.


I’m not saying that the key to all happiness is a good sweat, but…it certainly doesn’t hurt things either. 😉

Just sayin’.

Aside from that – what did I learn from yesterday’s little “balance” rant of mine? That everyone’s definition of balance is very different and very personal. And that’s ok. I think this sort of goes back to my previous post on the one downfall of blogging – the fact that we all inadvertently compare ourselves to eachother. Sometimes doing the comparison thing is good for perspective, but other times it just makes things more complicated, making us over-scrutinize our own choices versus just being confident with our decisions and approach at living a healthy, balanced and happy life.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

That we’re happy.

We’re healthy.

And, we’ve found balance (in our own very unique way).


BTW – for all of you who have heard me talk up a storm about how great the Exhale Spa Core Fusion DVDs are, mosey on over to Dori’s blog to enter her giveaway. It’s for their newest DVD – Core Fusion Boot Camp. How fun! I promise you – once you try Core Fusion you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but you get the picture 😉

12 thoughts on “Ah, endorphins

  1. Thank you so much for the shout. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you love Core Fusion the way I do — it actually gave me SO MUCH balance in my life over what might have been a very difficult year. I help them so much because I really just want other people to experience what I do, and you really do.

    Exercise endorphins are amazing. The best drug!

    • Of course!! I LOVE how your passion for Core Fusion comes through so strongly from you, it’s so neat to see and I’m SO GLAD I hopped on the Core Fusion bandwagon at last. Slowly but surely that ab curl is getting less painful to do 😉

  2. I am glad you have your groove back! I always feel like my days are better when I workout first thing in the morning. I find I am much happier and healthier when I get to the gmy at dawn. If I wait to do my workout until the pm, I am always obsessing over it and thinking about it every second of the day and coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I also agree that we all need to find balance in our lives whatever the def. might be!

    • I am SO with you!! I usually always work out in the morning, if it’s at night, it tends to be an “extra” or “add-on” to whatever I did that morning but if it’s my sole workout for the day, I totally think about it all day too. AM workouts just set me on the right footing for the day and is truly the best way to start the day…with “me” time, what could be better, right??

  3. Endorphins are good aren’t they. As for people having different comments and interpretations of stuff, I think it makes life exciting. As for comparisons,I think that us women do have it harder than men, all magazines and a lot of websites have the “perfect” woman airbrushed, with flat abs, clear skin and completely toned. I find it hard to live up to it all sometimes.

    • Oh yeah, it’s impossible to live up to those impossible expectations as a woman! No way. Why even try?? Besides the fact that its completely unrealistic, we are all beautiful and unique, why be a cookie cutter of one another, right??

  4. A great workout really is a powerful thing. The challenge of a workout exercises the body and the mind…definitely mood-boosting! Glad you’re feeling better today.

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