Hello, Runner’s High?

Hello, Runner’s High?

I miss you.

Very much.

Can we please be friends again?

Seriously. I am SO over winter. It’s totally put a kink in my relationship with good ‘ol Runner’s High. So I’ve decided two things need to happen:

  1. I need to buy even warmer winter running gear.
  2. I need to get used to running solo.

Yup, I rarely – if ever – run alone. Mostly because, as I noted yesterday, I love running with my husband as some of our best “us” time ever. I also love my running buddies Steph and Jo – we are sorely in need of a “run date” ASAP. So when the thought of running alone pops into my mind, it quickly scurries away. I just find running with others to be not only a great bonding experience but also great motivation.

But – since schedules just aren’t lining up as neatly as they did this spring/summer during half training, I need to get over the running alone thing. Though, I still won’t run alone if it’s dark out. Far too scary for my liking (yes, I’m a huge ‘fraidy cat, for the record). But, since I MISS running so badly and running solo has been part of the reason I haven’t gotten to run as much as I’d like to, it’s time.

The bigger reason, though, is the damn weather. It’s freezing. It gets dark way too freakin’ early and is dark until 7am in the morning which means the only time I can run during the week it’ll always be dark. Given my ‘fraidy cat issues, running during the week if alone, is a no-go. But running on the weekends, that I can do. Much more daylight to work with.

To alleviate the chilly factor, it’s time to invest in some of the Underarmor Frosty Gear, me thinks.

Hello, Santa? Are you listening??

I’d love this:

Or this:

Or both. 🙂

Needless to say, I’ve got running on the brain. Especially after catching up on  some of my other blogger friends who also have seem to have running on the brain, like Lee at InMyTummy, who mapped out the races she wants to do this spring. And, especially Heather who, despite her current injury, is trying her hardest to lure me and my sis into running the Little Rock Half with her in March.

Ah, decisions, decisions!

Either way – must.get.reacquainted.with.runner’s.high.STAT. Wish away the snow forecast for Sunday please, I’d really like to run.