Call me crazy…

…but after a fun little Facebook exchange with a couple of my favorite bloggy friends, I have to wonder:

Which half marathon(s) should I consider running in 2011??

The exchange went like this:

Basically, my sister, my bloggy friend Heather and newfound bloggy friend Lindsay decided that we should run a race together. Or multiple races. <ahem>

So now I have to figure out – can I really run more than one half next year? Am I crazy to even consider it?? Or do I need to take a chill pill and focus these little challenges of mine a little bit more (I mean I still need to figure out how to swim, it’s definitely on my list for 2011!) like I told myself I needed to?

Anyway, lots of things to consider, but here are the options so far:

  • Run the Wicked Half again (I really want to do this)
  • Run the Little Rock Half in March with Heather (I fear having to train for a half in the dead of winter here in Boston)
  • Run the Napa to Sonoma Half (which sounds like perfection to me but alas, they are sold out!)
  • Run the White Rock Half next December with Heather, Lindsay, Jolene and Michele (check out her blog btw if you haven’t already)

I’m gonna mull this over a bit and figure out what my focus ought to be but for now, the running bug has bit me again so I DO want to figure out which half (or half’s – not a word but it is in my book!) I want to run next year. Y’know me and goals afterall…