Call me crazy…

…but after a fun little Facebook exchange with a couple of my favorite bloggy friends, I have to wonder:

Which half marathon(s) should I consider running in 2011??

The exchange went like this:

Basically, my sister, my bloggy friend Heather and newfound bloggy friend Lindsay decided that we should run a race together. Or multiple races. <ahem>

So now I have to figure out – can I really run more than one half next year? Am I crazy to even consider it?? Or do I need to take a chill pill and focus these little challenges of mine a little bit more (I mean I still need to figure out how to swim, it’s definitely on my list for 2011!) like I told myself I needed to?

Anyway, lots of things to consider, but here are the options so far:

  • Run the Wicked Half again (I really want to do this)
  • Run the Little Rock Half in March with Heather (I fear having to train for a half in the dead of winter here in Boston)
  • Run the Napa to Sonoma Half (which sounds like perfection to me but alas, they are sold out!)
  • Run the White Rock Half next December with Heather, Lindsay, Jolene and Michele (check out her blog btw if you haven’t already)

I’m gonna mull this over a bit and figure out what my focus ought to be but for now, the running bug has bit me again so I DO want to figure out which half (or half’s – not a word but it is in my book!) I want to run next year. Y’know me and goals afterall…


17 thoughts on “Call me crazy…

    • it was such fun…especially when my husband commented on the fact that my status wasn’t even ABOUT running but about wine, yet somehow we managed to twist the conversation back around running. Because we’re crazy…and we run for wine, what can I say??

    • why are all these races in March?? I’m stuck in Boston where training for a half would be brutal in the winter, because I utterly refuse to treadmill-train! No way man!! But how fun would it be to race together, huh?

  1. Um, wait, that was for serious?! ;-P I don’t know if I can do any half next year…we’ll see. Remember, one challenge at a time! what about the tri and learning to swim sis?!

    • LOL it wasn’t REALLY serious but it did get my wheels spinning, I just can’t help it! I still love to run and realllly hope you get your groove back soon sis! You must just miss your favorite running partners in me and Steph, huh?

      And I knowwww, I promise I still want to learn to swim, I do! We gotta find ourselves an instructor ASAP!

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