Cathe Friedrich – she knows how to work a booty

Just sayin’.

This is a quickie review but I had to jot it down while it was still relatively fresh on my mind (and booty for that matter, ha!).

I wanted to eek out a couple of extra weight workouts at the end of my STS M2 cycle which just ended this past weekend. Technically, I was supposed to go into “active recovery” after I finished the last of the mesocycle 2 workouts last week but I couldn’t help myself this weekend. I was itching to try the final two new Cathe Friedrich workouts. You saw my review of High Reps the other day, well here’s my quick take on Lower Body Blast.

In a word – AWESOME.

If anyone ever asks me what my favorite Cathe workout of all time is, my answer never changes: Butts & Guts. Hands down (though STS tops the list, too.)

Well – Lower Body Blast is literally an updated version of Butts & Guts, just updated by about six years.  And I LOVED every sweaty minute of the 59 minute blast.

It includes lots of Cathe’s best leg work – including lots and lots and LOTS of paper plate work. Those kill me everytime. She even brought back a fan favorite (kinda) – low pulse lunches. OWWWW. And – in true Cathe style, she keeps your heart rate pumping with cardio bursts sprinkled ever-so-nicely into the workouts. Just when you think you’ve caught a break, it’s cardio blast time. She’s sneaky that way. 😉

This is a great complement to an existing endurance-based weight training program. Most of the leg work in this workout is based on higher rep counts and lower weights so you could easily work it into and STS M1 and M2 rotation, or make one up on your own, including Lower Body Blast, High Reps and STS Total Body for a great full body workout three times per week. I may consider this as a one-month mini-rotation after I finish STS in January, actually.

If you missed my other reviews of Cathe’s newest workouts, you can check them out here:

I’m clearly a Cathlete at heart but even if you’ve never, ever considered one of her workouts, I PROMISE if you try one of these newer workouts as a test-run of Cathe’s style, you will not be disappointed. This is Cathe at her best – hardcore cardio, hardcore weights, hardcore all around.

16 thoughts on “Cathe Friedrich – she knows how to work a booty

    • It really is. Her workouts are awesome! I’ve never been disappointed. As for the equipment? It depends. For Lower Body Blast, all you need is a step and some pretty light dumbbells and a resistance band. For her weight workouts (like STS) you need multiple dumbbells and a barbell for best results. Some of her cardio workouts require no equipment at all like 30/30 HiiT, Kick Max, MMA Boxing, etc.

  1. Great review Jess, I have the workout but haven’t done it yet. I’m making my way through STS 2 at the moment and loving it! If I get the chance I might substitute a leg workout for lower body blast or include it as my 4th strength workout in a week.

    • You’ve got to try it! You’ll love it! I may rotate it into M3 as a variation on the leg workouts in that phase. I don’t love squat rack or plyo legs as much as some of her other leg work so I may swap it out for LBB here and there.

    • Seriously! I hate that everyone automatically “knows” P90X but is clueless when you say Cathe or STS. FAR superior workouts in my opinion! We should start a grassroots effort 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh….this sounds AMAZING! Love the name butts and gutts, too. 🙂 I absolutely love hearing about these new workouts from you! It sounds like a perfect compliment to running/spinning, too!

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