Dashing through the snow…

…on a one-horse open sleigh.

Oh wait.

Let’s try that again.

Dashing through the snow…with Scott by my side, sloshing through slushy snow puddles and giggling like a schoolgirl. <—sorry, I couldn’t make that rhyme whatsoever like the Christmas Carol, I tried!

That’s more like it!

Exactly how last night’s first attempt at running on the snow covered streets went.

And after the first mile where my quads took time to adjust to the added resistance of running through snow provided, I LOVED IT.

Runner’s high? We’re officially BFF’s again.

Running through the snow, cool air rushing past my face, the darkness that surrounded us on what was the shortest day of the year yesterday. It was just awesome.

Exactly what I needed last night, and totally re-inspired me to continue avoiding that dreadmill as much as I can this winter. Snow be damned!

So what if I end up ruining my sneakers a lot quicker by sloshing through snow.

So what if my toes are freezing by the end and my face is numb.

So what.

I’m outside.

Breathing it all in.

The fresh (cold) air. The birds (what’s left of them) chirping. The sound of our feet hitting the pavement, and that muted sound when we hit a patch of snow.


I’m totally re-inspired! Maybe training for a half in the winter isn’t as out of the realm of possibility as I thought. Hmmm. 😉