2010: In pictures. In a word (or two): damn good.

2010: I must say, you were good. Damn good.

Somehow, though, I have a sneaking suspicion that 2011 may top you.

But time will tell.

Until then, let’s celebrate 2010 for all that it was and all that it still is…in pictures.

Kicking off 2010 surrounded by friends – annual NYE bash at our place:

There was Kick training…and our eventual certification.

Lots of time bonding with my sisters…in this picture, Jen is pregnant with what will turn out to be the cutest, most lovable niece on the planet.This was taken on Memorial Day weekend, a gorgeous weekend as I recall. Nice ‘n toasty.

Lots of epic-ness with fantastic friends…and a bar crawl or two.

There were anniversaries to be celebrated and lots of date night’s “in” on our back deck this summer. Here, we’re celebrating six years strong. It was a great night.

Endless weekends (and weeks!) spent lake-side in Maine. Ahh, just seeing this pic (isn’t my hubs so cute??) makes me giddy. Oh how I heart (and miss) summer!

(and just had to add this pic too, of Scott and I “rescuing” our floaties that went MIA during an overnight thunderstorm one night this summer…hysterical)

The Cathe Road trip – how can I even begin to describe it? Working out all weekend with my favorite workout instructor AND my favorite bloggy buddy of all time?? What could be better?

The birth of my niece, the precious little one I never knew I could love THIS much. She is my little peanut and I love her so…would do ANYTHING for her. The little one.

Conquering the Wicked Half, ‘nuf said.

EPIC vacations – aka wine country, my “mecca” and the place I was meant to live and die in!

And alas, the holidays are upon us…first up: Friendsgiving. I am so thankful for my girls, my “sister friends” – they truly are what makes the world ‘go round.

First outing with Isabel – the aunties showed her all about the wonderful world of shopping. Isn’t she just the sweetest??


Here we are.

The year is almost over.

And yet, I’m not quite ready to wave good-bye. It’s been an incredible year. Of learning. Of challenges. Of perspectives. And I KNOW that 2011 will bring even more of that than this year and I’ll tell you why…well, not yet. But soon. Good changes on the horizon for 2011 is all I’ll say for now. That and bring it ON!

Until then, I’m living in these final moments of 2010, breathing every last second in. Including what will be a pretty awesome holiday season – kicking off around noon tomorrow at our house. I’ll cheers to ya’ll then, promise. 🙂