So this is (was) Christmas…

Christmas is over already??

Totally went by in a blur, so much so that I barely took any pictures!

Well, correction: I barely took any pictures of the actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities other than some pre-party baking with my sister and the little one and a couple of randoms with Scott.

Pre-baking fun with the cutest niece on the PLANET. I can’t even stand how cute she is. Check these out:

Couple things I learned while attempting to bake cookies with my sister and niece. One – baking and 3-month olds don’t mix. But that’s ok. I did the baking while Jen and Isabel kept me entertained. And two – OMG Isabel is just the cutest, she’s found her hands and loves to suck on her fingers or anyone else’s fingers if they’re within reach. And she’s just SO much more sturdy now than before, makes this auntie far less nervous about hanging out with her, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

Let’s see – what else did this holiday include? Lots of food and cheer to be had. And I’m proud to say that there were very few moments of guilt over the Christmas indulgences…I dare say I did manage to avoid overdoing it for the most part, at least (hey I’m not perfect, right??).

Including a few of these on Christmas morning:

Not gonna lie, not a bad way to kick off the holiday while the hubs and I opened our gifts to eachother. This was an awesome holiday season for us – we hosted both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which yes, was a TON of work, but totally worth it. Our families appreciated all the hard work we put into the food and drinks and enjoyed themselves so much. From this hostess, that makes me ONE very happy girl, fo ‘sho.

Another great way to kick off the holiday? A cold, wintry run on Christmas morning. Scott and I ran an easy 5k on Christmas morning and it was perfect. It let us get out there and enjoy the cool air and quiet morning (there was NOBODY out there that’s for sure!) and gave us some peace and “us” time before the holiday truly began. I even remembered to take a pic (though failed at taking many pics of the actual parties, DUH!):

And now today, post-holiday buzz, we’re hunkering down for a pretty damn big blizzard that’s planning to hit later today. We’re also without water at the moment (water main break at the foot of our street – what luck, right??). This has put a bit of a kink in my plans for the day which did temporarily put me in a wicked funk (again, not perfect!) but I’m now “over it” and resigning myself to a day on the couch where we’ll definitely be “conserving” water and drinking wine. I mean, that *is* the smart thing to do, right?? πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “So this is (was) Christmas…

  1. I’m liking your plan for the day of drinking wine!! We had the same problems here with water shortages, soo annoying, it went on for 6 weeks last January and for about 2 weeks this December, Dublin council cut our water to conserve it for the winter. Enjoy your day relaxing, lying back too reading old Oxygen magazines for motivation and to gear me up to get in super shape in 2011.

    • ha, we just poured our first glass. It’s blizzard-ing quite nicely out there now! Water is back on though, thankfully! Enjoy your day – I’m with you, already thinking about my new years’ resolutions too!

    • Thanks my dear! It was such fun to do that together on Christmas, a first for us – previous years’ Scott had work stuff to do first thing in the AM before the holidays so this was a real treat for us, for sure. And seriously – Isabel’s buddha belly is the best!! I just LOVE her!!!

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