A note to self as 2010 draws to a close:

Please be good to yourself. Kick the negative self-talk for good.

Enjoy every moment, even the annoying little things that you have a habit of turning into one gigantic annoyance.

Embrace change, there’s lots of it to come. It might be scary, daunting, even uncomfortable at times, but go with it. Live it.

Appreciate your friends. They are part of your family, the good ones, that is. Treat them as such.

Continue to seek balance, and yes, that might mean two rest days in one week, or an extra glass of wine during the week after a particularly rough day. It’s ok.

Make sure to tell your husband how much you love him. Every day. Not just out of habit, but say it and mean it. Every time.

Try new things, challenge yourself. Not just things you want to do in 2011 like the half you keep thinking about, but really get out of your comfort zone and learn to swim, dammit! Maybe even find a way to appreciate yoga or pilates. It’s good for you.

Get over yourself. Stop trying to be perfect all the time and just be who you are. Who you aren’t ain’t half bad, y’know.

Above all else, be happy, be healthy, and strap that seatbelt on tight, 2011 is gonna be a crazy year.


Your crazy inner self who strives (and usually fails) to be anything less than Type A


15 thoughts on “A note to self as 2010 draws to a close:

  1. Adorable niece! I love this list. I really need to remember most of these. I recently found out that some people consider me a perfectionist, which was funny since I don’t see myself that way at ALL. Now that I was told, I can take a step back and realize why people think this. And yes, I need to step back and realize I can’t be perfect all the time.

    • Isn’t it funny how we view ourselves in a certain way yet others see us entirely different sometimes? I love that you didn’t realize you were a perfectionist until someone told you!!

  2. Um…can I print this off for myself, too? Okay, minus the husband part and Type A reference. 😉 You have such a great way with words. I hope that in this upcoming year, you can do these things – and you know, if you *dont’* do them, that’s okay, too. You are a wonderful person inside and out, and as long as you realize that, that’s all that matters!!

    • Yes, you most certainly can. I think you should create a note to self for yourself, actually! Just sit down and type, you never know what might come out! That’s sorta how this list came together, actually. 🙂

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