Defining my ‘new normal’

<warning: this is a total “blogging it out” post…and uber-long. bear with me!!>

It’s taken me two days at the new gig to realize I have to recognize, adjust to, and define my ‘new normal.’

Shocking, coming from this self-professed Type-A, routine nut, huh?

But yes, the new job is a change in and of itself. And GOOD, hell, GREAT changes. Don’t get me wrong. I still love it. I still feel challenged and inspired. Don’t worry. It didn’t fade after one day. πŸ˜‰

But with the new job, there are other changes I’m learning to adjust to…(and am having a hard time doing so)

  • I’m the new kid on the block and have to build up my reputation from the ground up. Yes, they hired me for a reason. But now I need to prove it. It’s proving harder than I thought to adjust to this fact. I do NOT like being the freshman and not knowing anyone by name or face or ANYTHING yet. It’s frustrating – I just want to run, run, run with things but I can’t even crawl or walk yet. Not easy. And yes, I realize it’s only been two days. πŸ˜‰
  • My new commute hasn’t been bad…yet. But it’s still a new commute which means getting up a little earlier, planning a little bit more (as in, knowing exactly what I’m going to wear the next day, making sure the gas tank is full, breakfast and lunch is packed, etc.), and getting used to sitting in the car longer. Good thing I have new wheels to keep me company, which definitely takes the edge off, I’ll say that! (the hubs and I decided the one-car family thing needed to end, after 6+ months of making a go of it…the new job was a good reason to switch it up).
  • I’m tired. I haven’t slept well the two “school nights” since the job started which has impacted my workouts. I don’t feel as energized in the AM this week, but KNOW after last night’s workout which was torture with a rumbling tummy, that I must stick to AM workouts as much as possible. I guess I got used to having the option to work out at night sometimes…or to ‘double’ up my workouts and do a little something extra after work. I’m a little bummed about this. NOT because I think I need to workout more but because I will miss not necessarily being able to make it to the gym at night for a Kick class here or there. Not to mention that the 6am spin classes I love on Wed/Fri will be tough to squeeze in given my earlier start time.
  • I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog friends…or my husband! How is that possible?? I know, I know, it’s been TWO days, chill. But these are the things on my mind right now so rather than let them sit there and drive me nuts, I’m blogging it out tonight. I hope you don’t mind my rambles today, I just need to do this for my own peace of mind.

So what does this tell me? All of these rambles…yes, they do help me to crystallize a few things in my head.

Like the fact that I have to define my ‘new normal.’

This means learning to be flexible and working later (we have flexible hours which I know I’ll love when I adjust to that fact!) in favor of getting my workout done in the AM.

Or conversely – getting to work earlier, and thus home earlier, in favor of fitting in a run after work (when it’s light again after 4pm, that is!) or another workout I would miss if I worked later in the day.

It also means learning to be less stringent about blogging. Sad face. Means I probably can’t blog everyday like I have now…which also means maybe a few less blog comments from me to some of you. Sad face x2! But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be bionic woman after a few months and be able to fit it all in.

And it definitely means making sure to unplug more at night so my hubs and I have enough “us” time since things just feel a wee bit more rushed now.

This isn’t earth shattering stuff, nor are these huge changes. And…c’mon friends, it’s been TWO days. A lot of this is just me reacting to the change itself. I’m sure a lot of these are just kinks that will slowly work themselves out. Whoa. I really need to take a chill pill…I realize all of this, trust me!

And on that note, if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this looooong, rambly post, you’re a rockstar bloggy friend. Just sayin. πŸ˜‰

23 thoughts on “Defining my ‘new normal’

    • I know, you’re right. I am so damn impatient! I legit wish I could fast forward at least a month or two into things so I’d feel adjusted again. All in due time, right?
      And yes…I could try to go in earlier to get home earlier but I fear that I’d still end up staying along with most of the rest of my team anyway, ya know? But it’s worth trying…at least to see if it could work.

  1. I hate when I’m the new kid on the block at work, it just suks having to learn everything and having all questions under the sun about your new position. I’m sure you will find your groove soon!

    • It really is a lot harder to be the new kid – it’s been six years since I’ve been in that position so it’s VERY weird! I’m looking for that groove, like whoa πŸ˜‰

  2. I totally know what you mean about running before you crawl at the new job and about rebuilding your reputation (internal & external). I felt the same way for a while when I got to my new gig last year! But it will all come together after a little while and you’ll be back to busy in no time.

    Also, I have to vote for early morning workouts – I used to hate the idea, but for the last year or so I’ve been really into it. If its the first thing I have to do that day, I know I’ll get it done. I can’t rely on getting out of the office (or having energy) at the same time each evening.

    Congrats on the new gig!!!

    • Hey girl, thanks for stopping by! Nice to see a familiar “face” on here!

      you’re right, it’ll come together…I just have antsy pants and want it all to come together RIGHT NOW. is that so much to ask for??

  3. What about missing seeing and working with your sister on a daily basis? Won’t you miss that as part of your routine? Just kidding, I know you do πŸ˜‰ I will likely be writing something similar on my day two of my new job too…it’ll be an adjustment but you’re thinking smart about it and weaving in your hi-pri’s which is awesome.

  4. you just said one of the main reasons i’m fearful about changing jobs, heck even to a new position within the company — how will it affect my workout schedule?! seriously! crazy, or what?

    • Isn’t that funny the things that scare us most about a career move are often the most simplistic? Like changing a workout routine out of necessity?? But seriously, I’ll adjust…and so will you when you make the plunge of your own πŸ™‚

  5. Adjusting to change is tiring in itself. It’s really a mental drain. I totally understand your feelings about the new job and the new routine. As ridiculous as it is, I am afraid of leaving my job because as unhappy as I am with the job, I love my daily routine and schedule. It’s something I’m trying to change in 2011!

    It’s definitely good to cut yourself some slack about working out and blogging while you get used to things. Good luck to you!

    • Seriously – hit the nail on the head. It IS mentally draining…in a good way, but still, its definitely going to take time to adjust to it all. And once I do, I’ll be on a roll, I’m sure of it. It’s just getting there that’s the tough part!

  6. I think it’s all good, a lot of new things for you to adjust to- being the new one in work, the commute, changing your workout times and changing your daily routine and how you’ll be making time for your husband,you,blogging etc. It’s kind of daunting but definitely doable. It’s a good way to start 2011, it will all work out and I think from it all, you’ll learn lots.

  7. It definitely takes some adjusting to feel like you’ve lost a lot of the usable time you used to have. This was exactly how I felt when I started my job last February, and why my blogging/commenting is so hit or miss…and exercising has become pretty non-existent. You’ve already realized the important things…that time with S is more important than just about anything…the rest will fall into place.


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  10. I think whenever anyone starts a new job (or starts back to school…), it’s such an adjustment. At least for me, since I seriously thrive on routine! Just remember the first week is the hardest, so from here on out, it WILL get easier. You’ll make adjustments and have your “new normal” within a couple more weeks, for sure. And you’ll look back and wonder how it could ever be any different. πŸ™‚

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