What inspires you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration, lately. Blame it on the new year, new job and the fresh perspective it’s given me. The feeling of energy and inspiration I feel at all the new that surrounds me, routine being reshaped before my eyes, and that feeling of being more ready than ever to jump into new challenges than ever before.

So I ask myself today – what inspires me? What inspires you? What’s this thing called ‘inspiration’ all about?


I’m inspired by others who set and crush a goal. Hello Alicia over at Poise in Parma who ran her first half marathon this weekend! I’m so proud of her, and also incredibly inspired by her. She has an incredible weight loss story to tell, yet that doesn’t define her. It’s not all that she is, it’s just another part of who she is that makes her an inspiration. I dig it. I especially dig that she’s already committed to improving her half marathon time at a second half she’s planning to run in May.  Rock on, girl! <and note to self: decide which half marathon to sign up for in 2011 asap!>

I’m inspired by change. Yes, the girl who resists change, who struggles to find her routine and sense of normalcy is admitting that she’s inspired by the very thing she fears? But it’s true. Even though I talk about how stressful or hard to adjust to that thing called change can be, it also is exactly what I need to push myself to new heights. And I’ve already caught myself looking at situations with an eye towards change – which is SUCH a new way for me to go about looking at things. And I love it.

I’m inspired by inner and outer strength. Of course outer strength – especially in women – is incredibly inspiring.  In a living a wholesome and healthy lifestyle kind of way, not in a vanity-only kind of way (if that makes sense). But also, those near and dear to me who have overcome incredible obstacles in their personal life and turned something so difficult to handle into a positive thing? Now that is truly inspiring. Awesomely so. Both of my sisters have gone through incredibly hard things in the past year or two (or three) and have come out stronger and more amazing than ever. I am so proud of them and it honestly humbles me. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have had to overcome such obstacles in life, yet….and it sometimes makes me wonder, why haven’t I? Humbling, indeed.

I’m inspired by inspiring others. And without really meaning or intending to. To those I’ve somehow inspired on my blog to start a new workout routine (or re-commit to one), or to pursue a new job, or to focus on uncovering their passion again. THAT is truly what inspires me. To be able to help someone else find their groove? Well, it drives me. It is the most awesome feeling ever.

Inspiration. An awesome feeling. Yet hard to truly describe or define. It’s so different for everyone. At least I think so.

So now I need to know – what inspires YOU?

Inquiring minds would love to know. 🙂