Feelin’ snacky

And slap-happy too, but that’s irrelevant.

Yes friends, I’m feelin’ snacky but am drawing a blank on fun, healthy snack options for my usual afternoon snack at the office.

Why, you ask?

Well – it’s official…

I’m yogurt-ed out.


I’ve been eating greek yogurt as my afternoon snack for what seems like eons and it’s worked out great. TONS of protein, just the right amount of calories for a snack and ohhh soo good.

My newest fave: Fage cherry pom!!

<pretend it says cherry pom on the label, I couldn’t find an easy to steal borrow image…work with me here>

Just had it today – delish…but then it struck.

I’m SICK of yogurt. And we must take a break or else we’ll end up broken up for good. And I know neither of us wants that, now do we?

Hence, my SOS request tonight.

I NEED snacky ideas. My usual snack options tend to be chive or garlic/herb cottage cheese with celery or melba toast, yogurt (no more!), string cheese and a piece of fruit, lara bars (not that often though), etc.

But beyond that, I fear I’ve lost my creative touch for fun, interesting snack options. But I KNOW you won’t fail me – you all have such great ideas all the time so put those creative juices to good use. I’m looking for something with a good mix of protein, fiber, and flavor. That can’t be so hard, now can it??

So I beg of you: Help a sista out!!

Until then…greek yogurt: we’re officially on a break. I’m very sorry. But I’ll be back soon, I promise.