Not all workouts are created equally

But don’t get discouraged, it happens more than you think, and that’s ok.

Not every workout is going to blow your mind (though I wish they would!).

Some workouts are gonna be a lot of work with no real “aha” moment aka “runner’s high.”

Other workouts are going to leave you breathless and damn proud of yourself for making it through.

Some will leave you feeling stronger and more toned than ever.

Others will make you feel a little weak and a lot frustrated.

But that’s ok.

In fact, it happened to me just yesterday: My Core Fusion workout was awesome – it was a new one (Long and Lean for those interested!) and left me feeling limber and stronger in my core. But then last night I completed an STS workout (one more to go and I’m done with the rotation, whoa!) and every single exercise and rep felt ridiculously hard.

Ok, so what’s my point?

I think this is seriously why so many “give up” on a consistent workout regime becaues they expect or assume every workout will knock their socks off. Sadly, not the case. BUT with the right mix of workouts to keep you motivated and coming back for more, that workout routine should be habit in no time.

And that, for me, is the key – making that workout fix a habit. Something you come to miss when you take an all-important rest day. Something you actually look forward to – as sick and twisted as that may sound to anyone just getting their workout groove back. But trust me, it’s true. Before long, you’ll find yourself in my shoes – actually looking forward to a ‘speed Wednesday’ workout on the dreadmill tonight. 😉

But that’s just my random two cents for this ‘speed” (literally – as I wrote this in about 35 seconds today) Wednesday blog post.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss. 🙂