Compliments of…

Randomly, a blog post popped into mind last night while on a self-imposed “DVR date” with the hubs to wind down a busy but uber fun weekend.

The topic?

Well, it’s more of a question:

“What’s the best compliment you ever received?”

It only took me a second to answer that one for myself.

“You are so athletic.”

Who? Me? Athletic?


That’s reserved for baseball players, tennis pros, track and field superstars.

Me? I just like to workout.

And of course, I fell into the total-denial-can’t-possibly-take-a-compliment response versus gracefully accepting the compliment like I should have.

I honestly don’t even remember who gave me the compliment – oh wait, yes I do. It was my aunt who moved away about a year or two ago and was visiting this past spring. At the time, as I said, I totally brushed it off. But later…I reveled in it, secretly of course.

Why, though?

Why did I 1) not accept the compliment gracefully and 2) did I feel so surprised that someone would describe me that way?

I think it all boils down to self-perception, something I’ve found myself really digging into a lot more lately. And trying to own who I am vs. half-owning it or not owning it at all.

At the ripe old age of 31, you’d think I’d be able to fully OWN it nowadays. I can’t say that I do…at least not all the time, but I’m learning.

In fact, I just gave a certain blog bestie that very same advice: OWN it.

Guess that means it must be worth taking that same advice too then, huh? 😉

So anyway, I of course would love your thoughts on this whole self-perception thang and what the best compliment YOU ever received was…and how it affected you (and bonus points if you reveal whether or not you took that compliment gracefully!!).