Gearing up…

…for the Core Fusion 30-day challenge.

On the eve of the challenge itself (since February is a short month, I’m calling tomorrow CF kick-off day), I thought I’d jot down a few notes to self:

  • Be patient. This is going to be a frustrating (and uncomfortable) month at times.
  • Think differently. Core Fusion *is* very much a “workout” even if the sweat-factor is less so than what you’re accustomed to.
  • Trust your body. It’s going to change this month. Let it.
  • Have fun. This is gonna affect you in ways you probably can’t even anticipate yet. Enjoy this bonding time with your sis, you don’t get as much time with her anymore with this new job and all.
  • Own it. You’re gonna come out of this a strong core, but even more importantly, you’re gonna come out of this with a brand new mind/body connection. Embrace that, most of all.

So that’s it. My notes to self…a quasi pep talk, too – now that I’m reading this back to myself.

Core Fusion challenge time…it’s on! 😉