Ruminations on CF Challenge: Day 1

Today marks the first day in the 30-day Core Fusion Challenge my sis and I are doing together.

A couple of ruminations that struck me during today’s workout. But first – before I forget. I wanted to share my planned workout schedule for this week:

Sunday: Kick <—check!

Monday: Core Fusion Body Sculpt <—check!

Tuesday: Core Fusion Pilates Abs

Wednesday: Ride; Core Fusion Lean & Toned

Thursday: Core Fusion Pilates Abs OR rest

Friday: Core Fusion Pilates Abs OR rest

Saturday: Something runner-ish. More than likely, a speed workout on the dreadmill (given the snow forecast for mid-week, we may never dig out…)

So here’s a question that just dawned on me – I really wanted to get Core Fusion in 5x/week vs. 4x/week but where to fit it in unless I squeese it in on Saturday? Hmmm…sooo tempted *not* to take a rest day this week but I know, that’s bad. Must resist urge. I will mull this over.

But back to the point of my post – some initial ruminations on the first day of the challenge.

  1. I noticed I felt more “centered” both during and right after completing this morning’s workout. I felt more settled and ready to conquer the day. Maybe because I didn’t let my mind wander like I normally do during a run or a spin class or whatever. But I *really* focused on locking that core in, keeping those glutes tight, etc. I guess I sort of do that during a typical weight workout but for some reason this just felt different, somehow.  
  2. I really took the “strength within stillness” mantra to heart. Any time I wanted to step out of a thigh or glute strengthening move or was dying to get out of that ab curl, I thought about that statement that Fred and Elisabeth mention often during the workout.  And I held onto it, even if it was just a second longer, a second is still a second, right?
  3. My whole body felt “worked.” This one is hard to describe…but it almost felt like energy was coursing through  my body, my legs felt almost wobbly at the end and my abs were a-hurtin. And yet, I didn’t sweat nearly as much as during Kick, Ride, running, you name it. That still surprises me somehow – but I think this feeling goes back to that “mind-body connection” that Core Fusion is based on. At least that’s how it felt…again, hard to describe.

Anyway, just some random first impressions/ruminations as I dive into this challenge with my sis.  I’m intrigued, to say the least.