Core Fusion – these moves I must master!

Alright, so I’m only into day #2 of the Core Fusion Challenge and I’m already ticking off in my head the moves that I am bound and determined to master by the end of this month.

Well…that’s a bit of a stretch, let me rephrase that. There are a few moves I want to do well, do properly, do strongly. Right now I’m the modification queen on a few of these guys, namely:

Round back/flat back series – this is all about tightening that core, tucking the hips in and moving just your legs in a series of tapping moves while your back is flat against the wall, knees bent/extended. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. I can barely get my feet off the ground in this move, let alone off the ground for the entire sequence which Fred and Elisabeth say to “work towards over time.” Well…this is definitely a series I’d like to work towards, rather than flailing about meekly like I am now. Good thing there’s no before/after shot here, hehe.

<this isn’t a great pic but it’s the best I could find that sort of shows the move I’m describing above>

The infamous Core Fusion ab curl – THIS is one that I am promising to myself that I will not just do better, but I’ll master. This is basically one curl that you hold steadily for a period of time (that seems endless but is probably about 6-8 mins total), doing various moves to work the core and oblique muscles. You might tap your fists in front of you while in the curl or twist to one side and hold the curl to work the obliques. Or you might do the “hundred” flutter of your arms while holding the curl. Right now, I can hold that curl but I have a hard time doing all the extra stuff. But that’s ok. For now, I’m here to strengthen that core and once I feel confident, I’ll start adding in the “hundred” and all of the other moves as my ab curl technique improve.

BUT, I’d be lying if I denied that this is probably the most frustrating move for me (especially during Pilates Plus this morning) — because it’s VERY hard for me and reminds me just how weak I’ve let my core become. Which I hate. Feels like total failure and is frustrating with a capital T!!

The plank/push-up/jump-back series in Core Fusion boot camp – this is kind of three moves in one that I’d like to master. First up – the plank is something that I’ve always strived to do better but invariably given up on in the end. NO MORE giving up for me. I will hold that plank for a minute or more by the end of this month. That is my promise to myself.

But with that, comes the jump-back series in Boot Camp that goes something like this: Start with feet hip width apart, with a playground ball in hand (note to self: a medicine ball is not a good substitute for a playground ball, WAY TOO HEAVY!), lift the ball over head, bend knees, bring ball to knees and then to floor, jump back into a plank with hands on the ball in front of you. Repeat this series five times. And then do push-ups on either side of the ball (with one hand on the ball as shown in the pic).

Um yeah. This is a messy one. I want to not only strengthen that plank move but be able to move from that jump-back into push-ups on my toes, not my knees. I realize this is a tall order but I really, REALLY want to get there. If I can at least get that plank under control and get those push-ups in shape even if not all are done on the toes, I’ll be a happy camper.

Ok, so I might have way too many a few more goals than I thought going into this challenge. 😉 But as you can see, just two days in and I’m already excited to push myself harder and farther. This is huge for me, the self-professed pilates/yoga/core hater, I must say.

Day #2 – done and done. I’m ready for day #3, bring it on 😉