Confessions of a fitblogger, part 3

You might have seen the first and second installments of my “confessions” series here and here.

But, for those of you who don’t know, I have a habit of laying out my confessions now and then, of random things you might not know about me or, better yet – might not expect coming from a self-professed fitblogger.

But make no mistake, I have plenty of imperfections and I’m happy to admit them here for your reading pleasure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s confession: I have what I’ve determined to be a severe lack of flexiblity.

It’s amazing how much I’m learning about myself during the Core Fusion Challenge…and I’m just three days in. Can’t imagine what I’ll be admitting to ya’ll by the end of the month. Hehe.

During today’s Core Fusion workout – which was Core Fusion: Lean & Toned, I got a huge dose of reality at just how ridiculous inflexible I really am. And, that my left leg is absurdly more tight and inflexible than my right (my dominant leg).

I mean, I’ve always known that I’m not the most flexible gal around, but seriously, I think I have a problem. I honestly think I am the LEAST flexible human being that ever existed.

I can barely touch my toes, for one.

For two, during some of the stretching today, I compared myself to those on the screen and the difference is, well, incerdibly obvious. Well duh – I know, they are professionals, they do this for a living, they are Core Fusion experts. I know, I know. BUT to think that I can barely straighten my legs out in front of me with my back against the wall? Well that’s just scary. Andย  most definitely dangerous (i.e. injury prone), too.

So now, I’m sitting here kicking myself a little bit that I’ve let it get to this point. I rarely – if EVER – stretch after I run or after any workout, for that matter. Yes, running exacerbates the tight hamstrings especially, but if I’m running and not even stretching afterwards, well duh, problem! I’ve always said that yoga and pilates aren’t “me” but I think that’s just been an excuse to avoid that type of workout all together. I don’t like it because it’s hard for me to accept that I’m “bad” at something, especially when it comes to fitness.

I know, so silly – but hey, this is a “confessions” post, right?

So now that I’ve admitted that I have a problem, how am I going to fix it?

Well – Core Fusion is going to help me big time in this area. Butย I need to do more, be more congnizant of the importance of stretching. Not just after a workout but as a regular part of my day. I’m going to start stretching at night, regarldess of whether I worked out that night or in the AM, just to keep my body loose…or looser than it’s been to date. It certainly can’t hurt.

I’ll be damned – by the end of this month, I’ll have mastered a couple of these Core Fusion moves AND I’ll be able to touch my toes (or come much closer to it).

So, I’m issuing a Stretching SOS.ย I’d love your thoughts on other stretching to incorporate beyond what I’ve laid out here. As much as it pains me to admit, I’m certainly no expert in proper stretching technique, clearly.ย  Comments, please. ๐Ÿ™‚


31 thoughts on “Confessions of a fitblogger, part 3

  1. I used to be a synchro swimmer, so we had to have flat splits! Lunge stretches really helped me! They were most effective. (just like a lunge but with your back knee down, pressing hips to the floor).

  2. LOL! Um, I’m pretty sure I’d beat you in the least flexible category. At least you can TOUCH your toes. We really fail miserably in this area, huh?? We’ll get there! I am already feeling stronger and M even noticed they felt stronger. He just put his arm around my waist and said ‘oh, strong!” without my even mentioning it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I don’t think I can touch them anymore, how sad is that?? I HATE that I’ve let it get this bad for no other good reason than I hate to stretch, or I don’t make time for it or whatever. Must end ASAP! PS. LOve that comment from M, the unexpected compliments are the greatest!

  3. just think where you will be when You are done with this, touching your toes and more! Think positive, you will be so thrilled for what your body can accomplish during this time.

  4. I think you should give yoga a try again. I used to say it wasn’t for me, but I hadn’t tried the right class or the right teacher. Once I did, I was able to love all yoga classes. And ALWAYS stretch after a run!

  5. ummm, you can’t be the most flexible person alive because i am. ๐Ÿ™‚ have you looked into yoga? try looking up yoga tune-up. i really like it a lot and the dvd i have has tracks for specific sports and they are only about 20-minutes long for each segment.

  6. Jess, the more I read your posts on the Core Fusion Challenge the more I think I need to do it as well. I can totally identify with your flexibility issues, I’m so inflexible and try to do Cathe’s Stretch Max once or twice a week but it’s not enough.

  7. I am super tight, so I always make sure I stretch. It’s not always easy because it seems like the last thing I want to do after a run, second to foam rolling! Ouch!

    Anyway, I always go through basic stretches – downward-facing dog is my favorite! I also have to do lots for my hamstrings and quads. I can’t touch my toes, so just know that you’re not alone!

    • I had let my flexibility go because I didn’t have time to Spin, run, etc. and stretch too. You need to make time to stretch, even if you have to cut your aerobic workout a little short to get in a good stretch. I know I sound like a broken record here, but Core Fusion made me realize how important flexibility is to overall good health and well being. Now after a Spin workout, I take 10 minutes to stretch, using a lot of the stretches from CF. Flexibility is important, particularly as you get older. You’re on the right track here, and you’ll be amazed at the improvements you’ll see in your flexibility in a relatively short time. Some people naturally aren’t as flexible as others and never will be, so don’t let that frustrate you. Just keep up the stretching and you’ll feel amazing and be less prone to injury. Plus it really feels good; just don’t force your body to do more than it’s ready to do. Also, get that Core Fusion Yoga Flow DVD. It’s amazing and has everything–a little bit cardio, core strength building, and flexibility.

      • Bingo. I don’t make time for it – or run out of time after my workout and THINK about stretching but rarely – if ever, do it. It’s so frustrating that I’ve let it get so bad but now that my eyes are opened, I’m ready for change. I’m totally going to buy the Core FUsion Yoga Flow DVD, it sounds like just what i need!

    • That’s my downfall – I have NOT been strething after I run which I know is bad, bad, bad. Nevermind after any other workout. Ridiculous. Even downward facing dog is hard for me!

  8. This is tricky terrain for me.. I’m not that flexible in my poterior chain either — I think hammies get tight in runners. So yeah, definitely sort that. Remember to do a couple of different stretches, to hit the different parts of the muscle. Touching my toes hits the belly of the muslce (I think); legs apart and hands to the floor does the inside of the leg more; and my personal favourite: lie down with your feet on the floor, knees bent, then cross one leg over the other, and pull into your chest. That’ll hit the glute/ham tie in, as well as the glutes and piriformis. (Sorry, I could have looked for links but am at work..)

    The reason it’s tricky terrain though is that I exacerbated an injury by over stretching. That was me addressing pain, rather than flexibility, but do be aware that more flex isn’t *always* a good thing, and can in itself cause problems.

    ps — love your confessions btw, great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for the suggested stretches – I’ll try them! Definitely won’t be anywhere near my toes though. Sigh. This stinks, I wish I could snap my fingers and suddenly be flexible and actually *like* yoga and such. I guess this was the best challenge for me to take on yet, huh?

  9. Wow – I guess I take my flexibility for granted. I know mine comes from the majority of my life spent dancing. I always stretch after every single workout too – habit from dance. There are some great stretching and flexibility DVDs you might check out. And Alison is right, you do have to be careful as well.

    Kari Anderson has several stretching workouts. She’s even partnered with Pacific Northwest Ballet for at least one. I wish I could remember the names of some of the workouts…

    • Yes, I am jealous of your flexibility. I distinctly remember being jealous of it when we took that yoga class at the Cathe RT last year. I was struggling and you were all graceful and such. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need to make stretching a habit, as much as I lose patience with it. It’s a must.

  10. Hi Jess, quick question, which of the Core Fusion dvds would you recommend? Do I need to buy them all or could I just buy one or two of them? Thanks

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